Former Liberal PM Chrétien Lobbied For African Oil Company Incorporated In Bermuda

The Paradise Papers continue to reveal more about Canada’s elites.

It has been revealed that former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien did work lobbying for an East African oil company  “whose business involved money flowing to tax havens, a notorious Australian fraudster and the lure of billions of barrels of crude, according to the latest major leak of offshore financial documents.”

Apparently, Chrétien is saying he thought the company was based in Houston, and the company presented itself as being Houston-based, and had a CEO who once led Chevron Canada.

Strangely, there are 100,000 stock options recorded in the oil company’s files in Chrétien’s name, but he says he never received them.

Raising further questions, the company is named Madagascar Oil, but was actually incorporated in Bermuda – another example of how the elites use deceptive tactics to obscure the true origins of many companies.

Due to his globalist connections, Chrétien was reportedly asked to set up a meeting between the Madascar Oil CEO and the leader of Madagascar to help get an oil project going.

As noted in the report, “There is no suggestion any of Madagascar Oil’s offshore activity was illegal, but offshore incorporations and accounts often allow businesses to game the tax system — adhering to the letter of the law while thwarting its spirit.”

When asked about the use of offshore schemes, Chrétien said “it’s not the right thing to do.” However, Chrétien did not ban the use of those schemes while he was in power.

What’s up with those stock options?

Where the story gets stranger is in the 100,000 in supposed stock options Chrétien apparently got – revealed in a Paradise Papers document.

He claims he never received the shares, and only heard about it when the media reported on it. Interestingly, one of the members of that same company was Australian Alan Bond, who went to jail for four years after a massive fraud.

Chrétien says he never had any offshore accounts, never received shares, and has never had a bank account outside of Canada.

The elites play by different rules, and the government allows it

Whatever the case is with Chrétien and the shares, it is clear that Canada’s elites have long been playing by a different set of rules. Brian Mulroney’s name has also been brought up, and top Trudeau fundraisers are in the Paradise Papers as well.

So far, the government has done the bidding of the elites and let them get away with everything.

That must change, and banning the use of offshore tax havens is one way to start.

That’s why we must demand that all political leaders support the call for such a ban, and those who don’t will have no credibility if they ever talk about “tax fairness” again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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