Good Riddance To Hypocritical Coderre

Trudeau’s buddy Denis Coderre campaigned against pipelines while dumping millions of tons of raw sewage into the river.

The defeat of Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre by Valérie Plante has been greeted with cheers across much of the country.

That cheering is especially loud among the millions of Canadians who support our energy industry – something Coderre regularly attacked.

Coderre campaigned against pipelines, and celebrated when the Energy East Pipeline was scrapped. In his total arrogance, Coderre either didn’t realize – or chose to ignore – the fact that much of Montreal’s programs are paid for by transfer payments from Alberta and Western Canada. Those payments wouldn’t be possible without the energy industry, yet Coderre still wanted that sector crushed.

Even worse, Coderre posed as a defender of the environment, even as he approved the dumping of millions of tons of raw sewage into the river.

This hypocrisy is a total disgrace, and Coderre was too foolish and arrogant to realize it.

So, while many in Montreal are cheering Coderre’s defeat, millions more are cheering along with them.

Good riddance.

Spencer Fernando

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