WATCH: Trudeau Ripped For Taxing Middle Class While His Elitist Friends Pay Less

Trudeau’s total hypocrisy has been exposed by the Paradise Papers.

Under Justin Trudeau’s government, 81% of middle class families are paying higher taxes.

That’s even before factoring in the ever-rising carbon tax, which takes more and more money out of the pockets of all Canadians, and hurts low income people the most.

Now, the release of the Paradise Papers – revealing efforts by the global elites (including a top Trudeau fundraiser) to pay less taxes – have fully exposed Trudeau’s hypocrisy.

Trudeau attacks middle class and working class Canadians with higher taxes, while his wealthy elitist buddies get away with paying less.

Watch below as Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer rips Trudeau for the total hypocrisy:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Trudeau’s empty lies

As always, Trudeau spouted out his empty lies, but it’s getting tougher for him to keep up the facade as people are seeing the full extent of his connections to the elites, and his unwillingness to actually serve the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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It’s time for backbenchers to stand up for Canada and Canadians, and not a leader that is clearly not governing in the best interests of Canada and Canadians. Stand up for country and Canadians, cross the floor and join the opposition parties in a vote on non-confidence


What a moronic comment to make, NO millionaire qualifies EVER for the Child Tax Benefit. What a fool…. open mouth wider Trudeau and insert other foot!


Trudeau is only millionaire that qualifies for the child tax benefit. As we as Canadians are paying for the nannies that take care of his kids.
The top 1% is a very small percentage of Canadians. But yet this is all he preaches. Rich are still getting richer. Poor is still poor. Middle class is paying for everything which will result in 2 demographics. Wealthy and poor.
Elitists like Trudeau love this scenario.

JP LaRocque

The scum of the earth Hoarders have no bounds. They tax the hell out of the ordinary and middle class…they care not an iota for THE PEOPLE….and worse they do this with the full blessing of the government…the Canada Revenue Agency for one sure as hell are not looking for this rich scum..they are beyond reproach they have the law on their side never mind the fact that only the very rich can take advantage of these government loopholes and laws for the very rich…..this provers to me that the government of Canada and the SENATE collude to give full… Read more »


I agree with all the above comments. His intentions never were to serve us.he had his own agenda, sprinkle a bit of money here and there to pasify us and then steal ,steal ,steal for his own elites. Until his backbenchers get their morals straight and cross the floor, nothing will happen. These are sad times for Canadians.


He is out to destroy Canada, and him and Morndick and Goodick are out to fill their pockets