FACT: Harper Tried Addressing Offshore Tax Havens, Trudeau Attacked The Middle Class Instead

Harper and the Conservatives should have done more, but they did far more than Trudeau ever did.

As anger spreads in the wake of the Paradise Papers revelations, the Trudeau Liberals are dusting off their old scandal playbook:

Blame Harper.

In Question Period, the government revenue minister tried deflecting attention to her contention that the Harper government didn’t block tax havens when they were in power.

This is what the Trudeau Liberals did when the Khadr payment was revealed, as they falsely tried to shift the blame to the previous Harper government.

They’re trying to do the same thing here, and once again their rhetoric is full of lies – a sign of their desperation to escape from public anger for revelations that top Trudeau fundraiser Stephen Bronfman was mentioned in the Paradise Papers, and two former Liberal Prime Minister’s are mentioned as well.

The Trudeau government lies are meant to obscure the truth that the Harper government did take some action to deal with offshore tax havens, while Trudeau spent his time hiking taxes on the middle class.

The truth

A report on efforts by top elites – including a law firm that represented Bronfman – to block legislation to crackdown on offshore tax havens, noted the following:

“In the end, the Liberals never did pass legislation to crack down on offshore trusts while in office. It was only in 2007, after Stephen Harper’s Conservative government came to power, that a bill finally passed the House of Commons. The hallmark of that legislation was that all Canadian contributions to foreign trusts would now be taxed on their earnings.”

The legislation was then killed in the Liberal dominated Senate after lobbying efforts continued.

However, similar legislation finally passed in 2013 under the Harper Majority.

So, the truth of offshore accounts is clear: The Harper Conservatives (and NDP), regularly tried to rein them in, while top Liberal elites campaigned to keep the offshore accounts totally unrestricted.

While the Conservatives should have gone much further – banning offshore accounts entirely – they did far more than Trudeau ever did.

That’s why the Trudeau Liberals are desperate to distract from the truth, and somehow escape from accountability for their elitist friends. As more and more people ask why Trudeau keeps fleecing the middle class and small businesses while letting his powerful buddies get away with using offshore tax havens, the fewer people are willing to believe anything Trudeau has ever said.

Canadians are realizing the full extent of the betrayal by the elites, and Trudeau can’t pin this one on Harper.

Spencer Fernando

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