Jagmeet Singh Wants Trudeau To Decriminalize All Drugs

New NDP leader to push his party to make decriminalization of all drug possession a part of their platform.

Jagmeet Singh wants Justin Trudeau to decriminalize all drugs, which he says would help fight the opioid crisis.

Singh says the opioid crisis should be handled as a “social justice” issue, rather than a criminal justice issue. Such a large change would be very controversial, and it will be interesting to see if NDP members are willing to make that leap at their next policy convention in February.

During the NDP leadership race, Singh said“I can tell you that people who are charged with personal possession offences are often those who are poor, often those who have mental health issues and often those who are addicted.This does not sound to me like a criminal justice problem, that sounds to me like a social justice problem and a health-care problem. I would call for the decriminalization of all personal possession offences when it comes to drugs. Period.”

Singh’s policy would mean meth and heroin would be decriminalized, and would put him offside with both the Liberals and Conservatives. The Trudeau government has said that they are not considering the decriminalizing of other drugs after legalizing marijuana, while the Conservatives have criticized marijuana legalization and advocate a tough on crime policy.

Spencer Fernando

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Alcida Baker

Maybe this Government should check out Hamburg Germany’s Drug problem before making Canada’s drug issue worse .
Ask Doctors who work Psych wards their opinion . We want to help our youth not cause more harm .

jack grandville

Maybe the idea is to create more and more zombie-like citizens who at that stage are easier to control — much like giving your dog a reward for whatever it was you wanted him to do and he did it — the same thing with people.

Pete Soucy

Jack, you read my mind.


Instead of protecting Singh is inflicting by decriminalizing drugs that can be very harmful and dangerous to the public own’s body and for what… to get votes?

jack grandville

Short answer – Yepper – that is correct.

Stephen Lovatt

It infringe’s on his family business!


Canada exists as a free market enterprise. If there is demand there will be a supply. How many Model T dealers are there anymore? None, because there is no market for Model T’s. If the junkies all die off the drug problem will disappear. As it is, the PC bleeding hearts revive these junkies who simply run out and commit more crimes to buy more drugs, knowing there will likely be someone close by to revive them to continue the viscous cycle all over again. I’m no lawyer, but could a case be made to charge the pop-up injection site… Read more »

Miles Lunn

I think this is a good idea. Portugal has done this and it works quite well. Treatment rather than prison works best for addicts so while I would never vote NDP due to fiscal policies, I think this is worth looking at. I actually think that public opinion has changed quite dramatically on drug issues in the past few decades and so taking a hardline on drugs is a losing not winning strategy today. That being said drug dealers and smugglers should still be charged, just not the user. This would reduce policing costs and prisons costs while also reduce… Read more »

Pete Soucy

Agree 100%.