POLL: Majority Say Myanmar Situation “Is Not Canada’s Problem”

In a sign that more and more Canadians want our focus to be on our own country, 55% of respondents to a recent poll say the continued issues in Myanmar are not Canada’s problem.

According to Angus-Reid, 55% of Canadians say that what’s happening in Myanmar is not a problem for Canada, and only 20% of Canadians think Canada is “not contributing enough.”

33% of Canadians say the country is already doing too much on the crisis with the Rohingya.

When asked whether Canada should prioritize Rohingya refugees, 30% say yes, while 48% say no.

Take honourary citizenship from Aung San Suu Kyi?

De facto Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi was seen was a hero to much of the world, after years of house arrest and advocacy for democracy.

Since taking power however, the gap between the messy business of governing and high-minded ideals has grown wider in Myanmar.

As a result – and particularly because of the Rohingya crisis – her image has been tarnished.

Now, despite being given honourary citizenship by former PM Stephen Harper, a plurality of Canadians think she should lose that citizenship.

40% say she should lose the citizenship, 15% say she shouldn’t, and 45% don’t know. The numbers on that question are similar across party lines.

Focus on Canada

The results of this survey speak to a growing sense among many Canadians that its time for the government to focus on our own country. Canada can’t send people all around the world trying to fix problems, we need to fix problems here at home.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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don morris

Yes, one of the oldest political tricks in the book is to point to another Country and their problems,while you do nothing to alleviate OUR problems here at home. Stephen Harper should not have given this woman,or anyone else who didn’t provide a huge service to humanity,such as Irena Sendler, honorary Canadian citizenship. Persons in third world Countries may have different values than our upstanding Western values,and it can come back to bite the politician who does so. But this is a great chance for Trudeau to virtue signal,and take pressure off the fact that the offshore tax havens are… Read more »

Jacinte Lamothe

Exactly, I agree with Don Morris that Canada should only give honorary citizenships or others if they have done something for Canada. Mandela is a perfect example of someone who should not have received a cdn citizenship. Look at South Africa today, a disaster. Blacks are murdering whites violently left and right stealing their lands.


Totally agree…


Canadian media have turned into a bunch of high school dropouts. Where has the investigative reporting gone? It is easy to see how out two major networks have morphed. CBC used to kiss up to the Liberals and CTV was doing the checking and that seems to have reversed. It seems CTV is the one being controlled by the Government. Has anyone in the media even thought to dig a little deeper and ask why the Rohingya are being forcefully relocated? Why are the reports of Buddhist villages being attacked, the villagers killed and raped by the Muslims not being… Read more »

Jacinte Lamothe

Finally, someone is saying the truth like it is. Del said it.

jack grandville

There cannot be any logical reasoning in presuming the Rohingya mess to be another time for Canada to ‘contribute more’ and, regardless of what Bob Rae will come up with to entice the government to start sending and spending, it is, plain and simple none of our business. We cannot, from a logical point of view continue to toss money around as if there is no end to it — THERE IS an end — and we are already well past that point now. No matter our individual feelings about helping or not helping, there is the reality that no… Read more »


Canada will be a better place for Canadians when the lamebrain is OUT …


I agree but in the meantime he does further damage. Our safety, security and economy are deteriorating as he manipulates the media. Conservatives must break through to reach the young people in Canada.