POLL: Majority Say Myanmar Situation “Is Not Canada’s Problem”

In a sign that more and more Canadians want our focus to be on our own country, 55% of respondents to a recent poll say the continued issues in Myanmar are not Canada’s problem.

According to Angus-Reid, 55% of Canadians say that what’s happening in Myanmar is not a problem for Canada, and only 20% of Canadians think Canada is “not contributing enough.”

33% of Canadians say the country is already doing too much on the crisis with the Rohingya.

When asked whether Canada should prioritize Rohingya refugees, 30% say yes, while 48% say no.

Take honourary citizenship from Aung San Suu Kyi?

De facto Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi was seen was a hero to much of the world, after years of house arrest and advocacy for democracy.

Since taking power however, the gap between the messy business of governing and high-minded ideals has grown wider in Myanmar.

As a result – and particularly because of the Rohingya crisis – her image has been tarnished.

Now, despite being given honourary citizenship by former PM Stephen Harper, a plurality of Canadians think she should lose that citizenship.

40% say she should lose the citizenship, 15% say she shouldn’t, and 45% don’t know. The numbers on that question are similar across party lines.

Focus on Canada

The results of this survey speak to a growing sense among many Canadians that its time for the government to focus on our own country. Canada can’t send people all around the world trying to fix problems, we need to fix problems here at home.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube