REPORT: Bill 62 Facing Constitutional Challenge

National Council of Canadian Muslims, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and a Niqab-wearing convert to Islam file challenge in Quebec Superior Court.

As many expected, Bill 62 – the incredibly popular law requiring people to uncover their face when receiving or delivering certain government services – is facing a constitutional challenge.

The challenge was filed in Quebec Superior Court by a woman named Marie-Michelle Lacoste (who converted to Islam, wears a Niqab, and goes by the name Warda Naili), along with the National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

The challenge questions whether the bill is constitutional under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Bill 62 opened up a huge gap between the out-of-touch elites and the Canadian people. Despite almost all parties and most major establishment media outlets condemning the bill, numerous poll showed that a clear majority of Canadians in all provinces supported such legislation.

It was also pointed out that many nations – including majority-Muslim nations – have even tougher legislation that explicitly bans the Niqab and Burka, though those facts didn’t seem to sway the arrogant political class.

Spencer Fernando

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All people should be showing their faces ALL the time. Otherwise how can we be assured we are not dealing with a murderer, a child predator or a suicide bomber etc? The Burka has to go!!!!

alan skelhorne

well no kidding, i wonder who is backing this group. could it be the new iman of canada, otherwords known as mr. socks.

jack grandville

Anyone want to take bets on the ‘outcome’ — could make a bundle on this one.


This is Canada… get rid of the Niqab and Burka. It is a no brainer. If the majority Muslim nations have banned them, why would we accept them. A5 yr. old could figure that out. Stop the foolishness.


Eastern demands opposing Western values. What’s new. This absolutely shouldn’t even be an issue. The answer is ‘NO’. Plain and simple. No face coverings in Canada…if you don’t like it…leave.
why the Liberals don’t stand up for Canadian values and continue to kowtow is beyond me.
Immigrants would have a much easier time of it if the demands to integrate and assimilate were unquestionable.
This is causing this country to be divided.