WRONG: China Says AECON Takeover Doesn’t Need National Security Review

Expect the Trudeau government to cave quickly.

China’s Ambassador to Canada says the Communist states’ takeover of Aecon – a massive Canadian engineering & construction firm – doesn’t need a national security review.

As noted in a CBC report, Ambassador Lu Shaye said “The technology from the Chinese side is much higher than the Canadian side… it is not necessary for them [the Chinese government] to steal the technologies from Canadian companies.”

Added Lu, “In my point of view, it is not necessary to have the scan in the prospective of national security reasons. We will respect any decision made by the Canadian government in this regard.”

Of course, if China didn’t see any benefit to getting the company (including technology transfers), why would they want it in the first place?

Additionally, Shaye’s comment takes a narrow view of national security. National security isn’t just about military technology, it’s also about maintaining Canadian-owned construction companies. Letting China take such an important company makes Canada weaker.

Once again, we are seeing China play a smart rhetorical game. They know what to say, and when to say it, and western governments – especially the Trudeau government – fall for it repeatedly. For example, China restricts foreign control of their companies, hoards technology while negotiating deals to get tech from other nations, protects their industries, and imposes tariffs on foreign nations, all while using rhetoric that gives the opposite impression.

As a result, foolish leaders like Trudeau let China take more and more from our country, empowering the Communist state while weakening our supposedly free and democratic society.

At this point, we can expect that Trudeau will cave to what China demands, and let more of Canada be taken away.

Spencer Fernando

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It’s time for the West to leave the east wants to be under Chinese control go for it!

jack grandville

I would strongly suggest that there is something more than something ‘foolish’ about Trudeau in this instance — as in so many other instances. His being ‘foolish’ runs on an extremely thin line between ‘foolish’ and ‘treason.’


How massive will the Chinese Communist Government donation to the Justin Trudeau Benefit Fund be this time? This ass is selling Canada to his Communist Dictator business associates at every opportunity.

If there is no donation to Justin’s personal enrichment fund, I wonder if there will be a quiet 7 figure deposit in his Chinese bank account.


2nd note: Notice that it is the Chinese Ambassador Lu Shaye who says there is nothing to steal so a review isn’t necessary. By this, he is admitting that the main purpose for Trudeau selling Canada to his Chinese donors is to enable them to steal Canadian technology and secrets. Those are his words. Any value of $1 billion or more requires Canadian Federal approval. That is the law. It isn’t up to Trudeau to follow the law or not, he has no choice. It is THE LAW. No in depth review means Trudeau’s being arrested and charged. It is… Read more »


Spencer, just a note to let you know. From time to time it has been hard if not impossible to log on to your site and at times even longer to submit a comment.

I wonder if the Liberals are deliberately interfering with this amazing site? Why are they scared of Canadians knowing the truth? It’s not just this site that seems to be influenced. Notice how CTV and CBC filter almost anything regarding Islam. EG : How many explosion attacks have happened recently in Sweden?