BETRAYAL: As Remembrance Day Approaches, Trudeau Government Slashing Pay For Injured Canadian Special Ops Forces

Report reveals the Trudeau government quietly imposed a policy change that amounts to a betrayal of injured Canadian Special Ops Forces, and pay is already being clawed back.

The policy is being reported by Mercedes Stephenson, one of Canada’s top reporters when it comes to defence and foreign policy issues.

Here’s what Stephenson said on Twitter:

“Pay is being clawed back with little warning”

According to the report, “The new rules mean that personnel with the Canadian Special Operations Forces — many of whom work on top-secret missions across the globe — will lose the special compensation if illness or injury restricts their duties for more than 180 days.”

Additionally, “Paratroopers, submarine crews, pilots and air crews, rescue technicians and ships’ crews are also among the affected.”

Pay is now being clawed back, and members are given “little warning.”

The report also notes that members can’t speak publicly about it, and have told Stephenson that they “don’t understand why they are taking a financial hit over temporary injuries.”

Some could lose over $23,000 in pay in just a six month period.

Total betrayal by Trudeau government

This is a total betrayal, and it’s tough to describe how despicable it is that Trudeau would be cutting back on these benefits for Canadian Forces members in some of the most dangerous operations possible.

It would be a horrible policy at any time of the year, but it’s especially disgusting that it was done so quietly, and is now seemingly ramping up as Remembrance Day gets closer.

This means that, as Trudeau is attending ceremonies and reading his Remembrance Day talking points, his government is quietly betraying many who bravely serve our great nation.


Spencer Fernando

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jack grandville

Truly, at this point in ‘his’ tenure, what else can we expect. Once a thief, always a thief — this latest theft is ‘over the hill,’ and reprehensible — but, with liberals, what can else can be expected?


Once a narcissist , always a narcissist ….a thief has ” some ” brains….

Gunter Wiesler

Totally Disgusting.


Canada has to get this idiot out of office as soon as possible if not sooner his communist ways are not canadas ways to deal with our
enjoured military personal


When these armed forces members are told not to speak publicly about their injury allowance cutbacks, you know you live in a dictatorship.

Elizabeth Pahlke

I agree with you Roman. Why can’t they speak out? Who is telling them they cannot?

pamela kingwell

Trudeau is a disgusting, little snake! If I could rip the poppy off his lapel I would, he has no right to wear it. He is a traitor!

Don Taylor

absolutely right on turdeau and his govt are a complete disgrace to Canada

alan skelhorne

rememberance day is almost here, and where is the anti-canadian, somewhere in asia, trying to be like president trump, mr. brownshoes you couldn,t even walk in president trumps shadows,


But is PM will NOT be attending a Remembrance Day service nor will be laying a wreath in recognition of our fallen brave soldiers?

He did not forget, he passed on paying tribute for a one of his many “fly away gabfests” with leaders of the world. He does not nor ever will stand for ALL Canadians and especially our fallen.
Shame on him.


Trudeau isn’t fit to hold the highest office of our country, but unfortunately we don’t have the power to oust him and his corruption until least 2019 when the next election is called. Canadians must demand recall and impeachment laws be passed and added to our constitution so the likes of those that would do us harm, can never ever reverse it.


Absolutely agree


How very sad, send on a dangerous mission and when they get hurt charge them with no pay .we need to send our PM along on the next mission.