CLIMATE BLUNDER: Catherine McKenna Tweet Praises Brutal Syrian Regime For Joining Paris Accord

It seems brutal regimes get a pass when they spout McKenna’s politically correct talking points.

The total absurdity of Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau government talking points on the climate have been exposed.

After Syria joined the Paris Climate Accord, she tweeted the following:

Catherine McKenna Syria Tweet

The tweet has since been deleted, but it’s generated a massive backlash across Canada:

McKenna blames tweet on “staff”

Unsurprisingly, McKenna didn’t take responsibility for the tweet.

Instead, she said “clearly a mistake was made from my Dept Twitter.”

Of course, we have no way of knowing, and McKenna seems to take credit for her other tweets. So, she is expecting the Canadian people to believe that all the “good” tweets from her account are hers, while the ones that backfire are blamed on an unnamed “staffer.”

I don’t think so.

McKenna has made numerous climate blunders in her time in office, and this is just the latest.

It reveals how desperate McKenna and the elites are to have someone – anyone – back up their rhetoric. Despite the growing awareness that the Paris Accord benefits countries like China at the expense of the Western World, and despite the fact that the agreement is already being called “not enough” by those who pushed it in the first place, and it’s only a matter of time before people start asking tougher questions.

So, McKenna and the Trudeau government couldn’t pass up an opportunity to create some “good news,” even if it involved praising the brutal Syrian regime.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Old Canadian Patroit

She is just one of many in the Trudeau fold who should step down. God help Canada.

alan skelhorne

no surprise here, all dictators stick together.


There is enough on this despicable pack of governing dumbfounded wolves to OUST them NOW


Vote these morons OUT

jack grandville

Do I detect a reality that “Climate Bardie” either does not understand English or does not understand reality? Her consistent ability to speak wrongly so often about so much would imply, in my view, either a lack of understanding English or a lack of perceiving reality? — or, perhaps both?

Embarrassing, to say the least.


Can’t understand why she has been tagged as “Climate Barbie” – she’s just unlucky when she thinks!

Major Tom

Methinks Catherine has been in the sun too long…..she needs to take a return trip on an iceberg……there’s climate change!

Jacinte Lamothe

That is why McKenna is called “Climate Barbie”. Does not think before.

julius marsh

Syria is next red-pill. People need to level up here.
Assad did not chemical attack his people. That is basic globalist LIE.

The drowned little boy has nothing to do with syria. He was murdered by his own turkish cia-sponsored family, on the shores of TURKEY! not syria.

Remember, assad and putin were the only people fighting against obama/hillary’s ISIS forces for the last five years. WAKE UP!


McKenna praises Syria for it’s environmental progress, conveniently ignoring the FACT that it modified it’s climate by eliminating humans by the hundreds of thousands. Could this be her plan as well? Carbon taxers so high Canadians starve to death or move out of the country? Probably.