IGNORANCE: Trudeau Expresses Satisfaction With Top Fundraiser’s Paradise Papers Response

Unlike most Canadians, Trudeau doesn’t seem at all bothered by the Paradise Papers revelations.

Justin Trudeau seems content with the revelations from the Paradise Papers, and is moving quickly to make it look like the news is no problem at all.

When asked why top fundraiser Stephen Bronfman still seemed to be in his role as a fundraiser for the Trudeau Liberals, he not only dodged the question, but he didn’t even mention Bronfman’s name:

According to the CP, Trudeau said “In regards to the specific case you mentioned, we have received assurances that all rules were followed, indeed the same assurances made in the public statement released by the family, and we are satisfied with those assurances.” 

The fact that Trudeau is “satisfied” with anything having to do with the Paradise Papers just shows how totally out-of-touch he has become.

And, despite Trudeau saying that the CRA would take it “seriously,” we now know that the CRA isn’t giving requested data to the Parliamentary Budget Officer on how much Canada is losing from offshore tax havens. And we also know that the Harper government was the last government to take any real steps against offshore tax loopholes, while top Liberals fought against it.

So, Trudeau seems content to let the matter slide and hope it goes away, giving a level of trust and deference to his elitist fundraisers that he never gave to Canadian small businesses or taxpayers.

Trudeau’s government treated local businesses, retail workers, working class, and middle class Canadians with total suspicion and try to extract every last dollar they can from us, meanwhile Trudeau acts as if ignorance is bliss when it comes to offshore tax havens.

It’s a far cry from the “real change” Canadians expected, and the fact is the elites are now more powerful and entrenched then ever under Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

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