REPORT: Number Of Homeless Canadian Veterans Has Risen 62% Since 2015

It’s outrageous that the Trudeau government is building shelters for those who entered Canada illegally while our homeless Veterans are left to fend for themselves.

A growing number of Canadian Veterans are homeless, and the trend continues to worsen.

That’s according to numbers reported by Veterans Canada.

According to a CTV report, “The number of homeless veterans that Veterans Affairs Canada is aware of in Canada has grown every year since 2015. On Jan. 1, 2015 the department reported a total of 475 on the government’s radar; as of Jan. 1, 2016 that number had grown to 578; and as of Jan. 1, 2017 there were 687 homeless veterans in Canada. That number grew to 770 by September 2017.”

The true numbers are likely higher, as the 770 figure is made up of those who have identified themselves as homeless and sought to receive services from Veterans Affairs. This means many more homeless Veterans could be out there.

Concerningly, Debbie Lowther of VETS Canada – an organization that helps homeless Canadian Veterans – says “There’s been a lot of delays lately in receiving services from veterans affairs.”

Numbers getting steadily worse under the Trudeau government

Justin Trudeau made big promises to Canada’s Veterans in the 2015 campaign, but now, things are getting worse.

Making things even more outrageous, is the fact that as a growing number of Veterans are reported homeless, the government is spending taxpayer money building shelters for illegal border crossers.

We have now reached the point where those who served our country are left to fend for themselves, while people who broke our laws get taxpayer funded shelter.

That is a total disgrace, and all Canadians should be outraged about it.

The government can’t help everyone in the world, and it shouldn’t even try. But it should certainly help Canadian citizens, and especially those who put on the uniform and served our nation.

After all, it’s called the “Canadian Government,” not the “global government,” and any politician who forgets that must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

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JP LaRocque

What gets me is that both CTV and the CBC Power and Politics speak about these issues but there is never any of the reporters/senators/politicians say anything about what the impact of Canadians being shortchanged by 6 to 8 billion dollars which could be used to help so many from the military to destitute etc etc….If I were in politics I would be ashamed to show my face to my constituents.. These be people are hoarders they are the depraved of the world they are scum in my opinion….what are the G7 and G20 meetings all about….why the loopholes…why the… Read more »

Old Canadian Patroit

Maddening how the left loons running this country into the ground operate.

jack grandville

Don’t for a minute think that those responsible have ‘forgotten’ anything about this disgrace perpetrated against our vets. Not a chance – ‘ignore’ is a far better word, for that is what it is — ‘willful ignorance’ — and, yes, they should pay and pay dearly — as have each of the vets they abuse.


This Government has had a lot of Talks, before getting the Votes..and after entering to the position those Big Promises are all melted in to the thin air. Does any one know WHAT A LOT OF SENIORS are living below the Poverty level in this so called “developed” country called Canada? Then does any one know how many Veteran have no proper housing or the clothing to wear? The most disturbing part is that the Justin Trudeau government is ever ready to welcome the foreigners who have NOT contributed a penny to the Canadian Tax dollars. and on the contrary… Read more »