SERVING THE ELITES: Government Refuses To Tell Canadians Whether Top Trudeau Fundraiser Is Being Investigated By CRA

The opposition is demanding answers.

As the Paradise Papers continue to generate anger across the country and much of the world, the opposition is demanding to know whether or not top Trudeau Fundraiser Stephen Bronfman is being investigated by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Reports on the Paradise Papers revealed that Bronfman had a link to an offshore trust.

The CRA says they will be looking into the Canadians linked to the Paradise Papers, but that’s not exactly what Trudeau seems to be saying.

As noted by iPolitics, “But the CRA and Trudeau are sending conflicting messages. The CRA said the agency has begun a review of Canadians connected to the papers. For Trudeau’s part, he told reporters he’s “satisfied” with Bronfman’s explanation and accepts Bronfman’s public assurances that he has followed all the rules. Bronfman said in a statement Monday that he “has never funded nor used offshore trusts.”‘

It seems Trudeau is quite quick to take his elitist buddy at his word, even before the CRA has done anything. If Trudeau was truly neutral and was looking out for the best interests of all Canadians, he would have waited to see what the CRA found – whether it was positive or negative.

Now, the opposition is pointing out that Trudeau has effectively declared that there’s no issue with Bronfman, which jumps ahead of the CRA and could interfere with any process by the government to look into it.

And notably, when asked directly whether Bronfman would be included in those being looked into by the CRA, the government revenue minister dodged the question.

Where’s all that “openness and transparency” they promised in 2015?

Spencer Fernando

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The Opposition can questions til the cows come home and the narcissist lawless liberal will not answer.
So, what is good for the liberals to keep their money elsewhere to prevent paying taxes- SO TOO CAN THE REST OF US since we have more reason to protect our money for our retirement than to give a cent to the wealthy liberal mps who will use our money for/on themselves.


Of course he is satisfied. That is what he is told to say. This is exactly like his reward to Khadr where he decided that Canada would lose a court case and went ahead with the killer’s reward. Trudeau clearly thinks he is above the law. Criminals think they are above the law.

Canada needs impeachment laws. Trudeau is offensive.

jack grandville

An old saying among all crooks — protect your buddies, because if you don’t, you never know when they will turn on you — sound advice, too. He may be an ass, a narcissist, an egomaniac and a clown, but he knows the ‘internal rules’ and knows he must protect those ‘in the business.’