TRUDEAU EFFECT: Algerian National Sues Canada For $50 MILLION Because Khadr Payment Makes Government Seem Weak

Algerian Djamel Ameziane has never even held Canadian citizenship, and claims he was mistreated by America after being detained in Afghanistan and sent to Gitmo. Yet, he’s only suing Canada.

In one of the dumbest and most disgraceful government decisions of all time, Justin Trudeau decided to give Omar Khadr $10.5 million in Canadian taxpayers money, instead of continuing the fight in court.

By rolling over so easily, Trudeau not only deprived the widow of Christopher Speer her full opportunity to get her day in court vs Khadr, but he has now opened Canada up to many more costly lawsuits.

Ironically, despite Trudeau claiming the Khadr payment was about saving money, it looks likely to cost Canada far more down the road.

The reason is that the Omar Khadr payment made the Trudeau government look weak and foolish. Word has spread about how pathetically politically correct the Trudeau government is, and this is flashing dollar signs in the minds of anyone who thinks they were mistreated in the War on Terror.

$50 million lawsuit

Because of the weakness projected by Justin Trudeau, Canada is now being sued by a non-Canadian Algerian national for a whopping $50 million.

Djamel Ameziane was born in Algeria, and fled that country during a battle between the Algerian military and radical Islamist groups.

Ameziane sought refugee status in Canada in 1995, settling in Montreal.

According to numerous reports, Ameziane frequented mosques that U.S. intel officials say were linked to Al-Qaide supporters. One such individual, Ahmed Ressam (another Algerian in Montreal), tried blowing up the Los Angeles International Airport.

In the year 2000 his application for refugee status was rejected.

As noted by Lorne Gunter in the Toronto Sun, a lawsuit by Ameziane says at that point CSIS and the RCMP began collecting information about Ameziane secretly. Then after the 9-11 attacks, when things started to heat up in Afghanistan, Ameziane said he attempted to flee Afghanistan only to be captured by U.S. forces who shipped him off to the then-new terrorist detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.”

Here’s where it gets insane.

Ameziane says he was mistreated in Guantanamo Bay, yet he isn’t suing the United States.

He’s only suing Canada.

And he’s suing for the massive amount of $50 million.

At this point you’re probably thinking that this guy has even less of a case then Khadr, because Ameziane isn’t even a citizen of Canada.

You would be right to think that.

However, because Trudeau paid Khadr instead of continuing the court fight, Ameziane sees a big payday in his future.

This is the Trudeau Effect.

By giving in so easily to Khadr, Trudeau has created an impression of weakness, and weakness invites challenge. In fact, one of Ameziane’s lawyers also worked for Khadr, so the connections seems very clear.

Ameziane won’t be the last to see the Khadr payment and seek a huge payday at Canadian taxpayers expense, and it will just get worse until we have a government that is actually willing to fight back in court and protect Canadian taxpayers from this insanity.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube/Twitter

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Trudeau has actually turned Canada into what it appears a Banana Republic. Anything that was respectable about this country has disappeared.


Trudeau and the Liberals make me sick. The Liberals have been bringing up Remembrance Day in the House of Commons and how our Veterans went to War, Putting their Lives on the Line to give Canadians our Freedom. The Liberal Party, however, Forget to Remind Canadians tha their Terrorist Loving Liberal Leader, Trudeau, Rewarded a Convicted Terrorist who took away Veterans’ lives, building land mines, 10.5 Million Dollars. Trudeau has made our Enemy, Omar Khadr, a Multi Millionaire. Trudeau has spit in the faces of Canadian Veterans, 70,000 who are Homeless Today, but has Rewarded this POS who intended on… Read more »

alan skelhorne

are we not forgetting about the other three persons who received over 31 million.

jack grandville

Hate to say “I told you so,” but …….” and one could not be wrong by saying that. Trudeau seems to think that these situations are tailor-made for his psyche and since is not his money, he gloats over how he can steal and deny at the same time — but, then, that is how the Liberals govern — steal as much from the taxpayers as possible in as short a time as possible — blame someone else, or extenuating circumstances, arrange to lose the next election and rest easy, one you realize just how easy that stealing really was.

Ron Tylor

Djamel Ameziane entered Canada illegally by using a fake Dutch passport to come into our country. He received a fair hearing when he applied for refugee status. After his refugee status was denied he left the country and eventually became involved with the Taliban in some manner.


It is Trudeau and the Liberals who are weak. Pathetic gutless pandering politically correct. They are unable to take a stand FOR Canada and Canadians and instantly give in to the whiners. Hi, my name is Justin. Welcome to Canada. What can we change that might offend you? Oh, you are a terrorist? Wait a minute and I’ll get one of my grovelling slaves to write a cheque that will be included with your Canadian passport. Don’t worry about lawyer fees, I have that all set up with the ambulance chasers from Edmonton. How much should I write it for?… Read more »