WHAT? Trudeau Tweet Emphasizes Meeting With “Communist Party” Leader In Vietnam

Usually, people don’t go out of their way to emphasize the Communist Party.

Not long after Environment Minister Catherine McKenna was heavily criticized for a tweet praising Syria, a tweet from Justin Trudeau is raising eyebrows:

It is true that Trong’s title is Secretary General, but there was no need to add the “Communist Party” aspect in the tweet – especially considering the many Canadians who have suffered, and have family who suffered at the hands of Communist regimes. The tweet could have easily referred to him simply as “Secretary General.”

After all, Communism is responsible for tens of millions (possibly even hundreds of millions) of deaths, making it by far the deadliest ideology in human history.

Had this been another Prime Minister, there would be less attention on it, for the simple reason that most past PM’s haven’t praised Communism as Justin Trudeau has.

Rather than being an unfortunate slip up, the tweet is in keeping with Trudeau’s history of treating Communism as a benign thing, even praising the Communist dictatorship in China and releasing a pathetically fawning eulogy for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

As a result, this latest tweet will only raise further concerns about Trudeau’s disturbing fascination with Communist regimes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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