VIDEO: Trudeau Says There’s “More To Do” On Tax Havens, So Why Did He Go After Local Businesses Instead?

If Trudeau actually wanted to deal with offshore tax havens, he would have used that as the starting point for his “tax fairness” campaign, instead of trying to rip-off Canada’s small businesses.

During a press conference in Vietnam, Justin Trudeau was asked about the Paradise Papers. Here’s what he said:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Empty words

Trudeau can talk all he wants, but his words are empty. If he really felt there was “much more to do” when it comes to tax havens, then why didn’t he start there when he launched his tax fairness campaign?

After all, the potential revenue from offshore tax havens is immense, so you would think that is the logical place to start.

Instead, Trudeau ignored the tax haven problem, and tried taking money from local businesses.

It becomes clear and clear that – as many have pointed out – there’s one set of rules for the elites, and another for the rest of us, and Trudeau is determined to keep things just as they are.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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His words might not be so empty if the system were more zero tolerance !!! a joke …


Ah ah um ah um = referred to as a mental crutch used by many who have what might be an inherited lack of the brain’s ability to process thoughts into words. Those afflicted are able to read fairly well because it doesn’t require much thought. They can also make the same nonsensical statements over and over as that also doesn’t put any strain on the parts of the brain that require thought.
It might not all be his fault that he is so stupid.


Justin is a narcissist who believes that the voters who voted for liberals actually was voted for him alone. Thereby giving him as he sees it full permission to do anything to aid himself alone. When he said he supported terrorists to keep their citizenship instead of him protecting Canadians from the acts of terror, Canadians voted for him plain as simple. So, in his narcissist mind, he feels that what he is doing and saying which can be an endangerment to our civilization MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HIM. Canadians voted for HIM. His own mps work for him and… Read more »