WATCH: Bergen Grills Moneybags, Who Laughably Claims Liberals “Don’t Play Games”

After two years of treating the idea of ethics and transparency as a total joke, Moneybags Morneau is now trying to pretend he takes it seriously.

As he was being grilled by Opposition House Leader Candice Bergen – who asked why Moneybags had refused to be transparent with the Canadian people for the past two years – he laughably tried to claim that the opposition was playing games.

It’s a pathetic claim, since Morneau has been treating ethics and transparency as a total joke, and he seems to see government as a game where the prize is making him and his elitist buddies even more powerful.

Watch the Bergen vs Morneau QP battle below:

As usual, Moneybags didn’t do well in this exchange, as he didn’t really answer Bergen’s questions (has he ever answered a question?). Canadians have the right to know far more than Morneau has revealed – especially considering the immense power he wields as Finance Minister.

Yet, time and time again, he refuses to be accountable, exhibiting his elitist entitlement and arrogance at every opportunity.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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