FAIL: Notley Tries Dodging Question By Accusing Opponent Of “Mansplaining”

Apparently it’s easier to try and make your opponents seems sexist than actually answer questions honestly.

During a recent Alberta Question Period, Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark asked Premier Rachel Notley the following question:

“It is amazing that I have to ask this question. But do you know that there’s a significant environmental benefit to building a pipeline to tidewater, because it reduces overall carbon emissions by displacing higher carbon crude from places like Venezuela and Nicaragua?”

As Question Periods go, this is actually a pretty tame question. But instead of answering it, Rachel Notley said this:

“Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker, and to member opposite, for the mansplaining opportunity.”

Notley then went on to say she was familiar with the pipeline issues.

Of course, by trying to tag Clark with the “mansplaining” label, Notley was trying to distract from his question and instead make him seem sexist.

It’s a typical tactic of the left, and is increasing in use by Social Justice Warriors at university campuses and beyond.

Rather than address the substance of issues, SJW’s will just attack their opponents as racists, sexists, or some other “ist”, hoping that they can force their opponent on the defensive and avoid having to provide a real answer.

Question Period is a rough environment, and people of all parties and both genders regularly attack each other harshly. That’s just how it goes. To say that a tough attack or negative comment is sexist when it featured no sexist content whatsoever is an embarrassing and failed attempt by Notley to distract people.

It’s even worse considering her unhinged tweet against the United Conservative Party shortly after their leadership race, and demonstrates the fact that the Alberta NDP is terrified of their low poll numbers and massive unpopularity.

Spencer Fernando

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