INSANE: Trudeau Government To Allow Small Knives On Planes

Yet, baby powder will be banned. What is the government thinking?

A new change to airline security rules by the Trudeau government is raising serious concerns about safety and the total lack of government logic.

Transport Canada is announcing new regulations that will let people carry knife blades up to six centimeters long on domestic flights as well as many international flights.

At the same time, the Canadian Press notes that “Another change will prohibit certain powders and granular material with a volume of 350 millilitres — the size of a soda can — or more.”

Included in the list of banned items is baby powder.

So, the government is making it easier to carry a small knife onto a flight, but draws the line at baby powder.


In a statement, Transport Minister Marc Garneau said, “These changes to screening procedures will bring Canada in line with international standards and our partner countries, while continuing to keep passengers safe.”

However, Garneau failed to point out that the U.S. has a ban on knife blades of any length, as do other countries.

These policies are absurd, and represent another example of the Trudeau government changing something for the sake of changing it, and making things even worse.

In a dangerous world, the last thing we should be doing is making it easier for people to bring potential weapons onto an airplane.

Spencer Fernando

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Sorry but Marc Garneau with his nonsense statement about the change of policy on knives is another astronaut like Payette who is out of touch with reality. So baby powder is more dangerous than a 6 cm knife?

alan skelhorne

so now it will be legal for the sikhs to carry their personal knife, only in trudeaus lala land can this happen.

Major Tom

I would suggest that the carrying of a tactical knife onto a commercial aircraft be restricted to a class of persons….ie. off duty law enforcement, military and veterans honourably released….
Jihadis and criminals will always have weapons because they do not obey laws that conflict with their purpose… There needs to be a counter force ready to respond. Not every flight has an air marshal.

Concerned citizen

But doesn’t every flight have electronic screening for metal?

jack grandville

I have to admit that Marc Garneau has reached a new low in his career. At one time he could actually be seen as a sort of ‘celebrity’ in Canada, but his space trip appears to have ‘spaced him out a tad’ when he can actually make the above statement in view of what we have seen taking place worldwide over the past 15 or so years. Shame on you, Mr. Garneau.


right on …the new career declares him unfit


truduh! is goin’ to what??? lets make it easier for radical muslims to highjack jets… what an ass…


maybe I can carry my gun next??? truduh!’s elevator does not go to the top floor…


Almost every day we are subject to yet another Liberal stupidity. This is getting worse. A 6cm knife blade can easily be used to behead someone for God’s sake. A little messy if they aren’t careful but quite doable. Trudeau with his inherited inability to answer intelligently, Morneau scamming the tax system, Khalid banning free speech, Monsef is an illegal, McKenna a climate fascist, the Ethics Commissioner with no work ethics, a conflicted Conflicts Commissioner, a GG who is a legend in her own mind and now a space cadet who approves in-flight weapons. Bloody hell, people think Trump is… Read more »

mark orr

As a frequent business traveler this is not comforting. I do not have any issues with Sikhs or their religious practices, but not on an aircraft. Sikh’s have used terrorist tactics involving aircraft in the past. The Air India bombing killed 289 people if I am not mistaken and a 2 1/2″ knife with a sharp edge is as bad as a box knife


The real absurdity here is the Canadian Government and its trudeau leader – many countries have strict laws about many things – before it was ladies perfumes, lotions or any drink in a bottle customs searched your baggage and it was all junked — no matter your personal need – All passengers put a towel on your head and you may carry a knife to protect that screaming babe cos its bum is sore – no baby powder.