POLL: Moneybags Morneau’s Approval Rating Has Turned Negative

A mere 6% of Canadians think Morneau is doing a “very good job” as Finance Minister.

In the wake of questions over his ethics and failure to put his assets in a blind trust, Canadians have taken a negative opinion of Bill Moneybags Morneau.

According to a new Nanos Research survey, Morneau’s net approval rating is -8.9%.

Here are the key numbers:

  • 18% say Morneau has done a poor job.
  • 16% say Morneau has done a very poor job.
  • 32% say Morneau has done an average job.
  • 19% say Morneau has done a good job.
  • 6% say Morneau has done a very good job.
  • 9% were unsure.

With just 25% expressing a positive opinion of Morneau, his support has fallen even below that of Trudeau and the Liberals more broadly in the latest polls.

That means Morneau isn’t even holding onto the full Liberal base, and shows that his elitist arrogance is causing a backlash outside the Ottawa bubble.

This also shows that the opposition needs to keep up the pressure on Trudeau, and keep bringing up the Paradise Papers. The more Canadians hear about how the elites really act in government, the more people will demand a massive change.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Who does Nanos get their opinion from?? I have NEVER heard of anyone that I know who has been contacted by Nanos for their opinion. Sounds like they must contact ONLY Liberals. Moneybags has NEVER answered a question about any of his MANY Numbered Companies. This Nanos Research has been Too Kind to This Lying Thief!


Morneau is filthy ugly rich. He didn’t get into politics because of his love of Canada, he wants power. Nothing more. His investments make him more in a month than his whole year’s Government salary. He doesn’t care for Canadians any more than Justin does which is zero.

jack grandville

This sh0uld not be any surprise — even to Morneau, although, being a liberal, he simply would not understand it. It is an intellectually impossibility for people like him to understand.