SURVEY: 61% Of Canadians Expect Next Generation To Have Worse Standard Of Living

Canadians are growing more pessimistic about the future.

A survey by Nanos Research reveals growing pessimism among Canadians about the future standard of living.

61% of respondents say that the next generation will have a lower standard of living, while just 10% think the standard of living will be higher.

19% think it will be the same, and 11% are unsure.

Pessimism increasing rapidly

In 2017, the gap between those who were pessimistic and those who were optimistic was 50.7. This represents a dramatic worsening from 37.0 in 2016, and 11.8 in 2012.

So, as time goes on, Canadians are getting even more pessimistic about the future.

This survey is yet another data point showing the huge gap between the narrative pushed by the government and many of the elites, and what we keep hearing on the ground.

As the Trudeau government tries to get credit for supposed economic “growth,” that growth is concentrated in a small elite, and most Canadians aren’t feeling it.

Now, the revelation of the Paradise Papers shows the lack of confidence and lack of loyalty the elites have towards Canada’s economic future, since they stash as much of their wealth overseas as possible.

As long as the government remains committed to only serving the elites, and imposes more taxes, more bureaucracy, and more regulations on the rest of us, this pessimism will continue to grow over time.

Spencer Fernando

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