VIDEO: A Day After Complaints About “Mansplaining,” Notley Brings Up “Hepeating”

Notley has clearly decided on a strategy of accusing opponents of sexism to distract from her rock-bottom poll numbers and failed policies.

Yesterday, Alberta NDP Premier Rachel Notley said Greg Clark was “Mansplaining” when he asked a pipeline question.

Today, she brought up a new gender-based word: “Hepeating.”

Ironically, if a politician criticized Notley in gender-based terms, Notley would be the first to condemn it, but she apparently thinks its just fine for her to focus on the gender of her opponents.

Watch the video below:


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Clearly, Notley is trying to distract from the fact that her poll numbers are terrible, and a vast majority of Albertans oppose her government, and she’s willing to focus on gender instead of focusing on the issues.

If only Notley showed the same level of concern for those being put out of work by her horrendous policies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter