WATCH: Government Won’t Say Why Trudeau Is Giving His Billionaire Buddies Special Treatment

The CRA says they will look into the Canadians named in the Paradise Papers, but Trudeau has already said he’s “satisfied” with top fundraiser Stephen Bronfman’s claims. So which is it?

As more and more Canadians are realizing, there’s one set of rules for the elites, and another set of rules for the rest of us.

And rather than actually support the middle class, Trudeau is seeking to entrench the power and influence of the elites even more.

With the Paradise Papers generating more and more pressure on the elites, Trudeau is jumping ahead of the CRA and saying he’s “satisfied” with what top Liberal fundraiser Stephen Bronfman says about his reported links to the Paradise Papers – even before the CRA has had a chance to investigate.

In Question Period, Opposition House Critic Candice Bergen asked why Trudeau is seemingly giving special treatment to his billionaire buddy:

Legal issues?

Bergen points out possible legal issues with Trudeau’s actions, since he’s in charge of the government that would lead the investigation, yet is going around making judgments of innocence before any investigation takes place.

Most Canadians never get that benefit of the doubt from Trudeau, which is reserved only for the elitists he actually serves.

Spencer Fernando

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