China Advancing In Space Far Faster Than United States: Air Force General

A U.S. Air Force General says China is rapidly advancing in space, quickly eroding the U.S. edge.

According to CNBC, General Steve Kwast says “In my best military judgement China is on a 10-year journey to operationalize space. We’re on a 50-year journey.”

Kwast points out that regulations in the United States are getting in the way of innovation, opening the path for China to take the lead, saying China is working on the construction of “a navy in space.”

He says public-private partnerships are the key to making continued advances.

SpaceEx President Gwynne Shotwell also criticized the regulatory environment, saying “If we want to achieve rapid progress in space, the U.S. government must remove bureaucratic practices that run counter to innovation and speed.”

The danger of China getting the upper-hand in space.

While it’s nice to think that “space shouldn’t be weaponized,” that would be ignoring human nature. If something can be used as a warzone, humans will use it as a warzone. So, the only choice is who will control it. It’s far better for NATO – an organization made up of democratic countries – to have the upper-hand in space, rather than China. Even better of course would be for the world to share space and work co-cooperatively, but that won’t happen unless democratic nations have leverage in space, and leverage comes from military power.

So, we should be concerned by the fact that excessive government regulation is slowing down the U.S. in space, and Canada should be working with our democratic allies to develop our own potential power in space. Of course, that would require our leaders to actually seek to make Canada stronger, instead of rolling over for China at every turn.

Spencer Fernando

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