CONFUSION: Countries Now Say Agreement Reached On ‘Core’ TPP Elements

Government claims Trudeau missing Friday meeting was “a misunderstanding about the schedule.”

After hours of confusion, it appears that talks on a new TPP aren’t dead after all.

Following reports that Justin Trudeau skipped the Friday meeting set to announce that a deal had been reached, all 11 countries say they will be issuing a statement on Saturday expressing agreement on the core elements of the new TPP.

Additionally, Canadian Trade Minister Philippe Champagne says Trudeau missing the meeting was “a misunderstanding about the schedule,” not a deliberate effort.

If that’s true – and many have their doubts – it represents a pretty brutal level of incompetence by the government.

As noted by BNN, “Japanese Economy Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said earlier that the countries – including Canada – had now agreed on a plan to move ahead with the deal. Motegi had said late on Thursday that all countries had agreed in principle to move ahead with the pact, but Canada later said that was not true.”

Now, Motegi says Canada has now agreed with the agreement made on Thursday, meaning it is likely a new TPP will move closer to completion.

The confusion and seeming incompetence surrounding the Trudeau government’s involvement in the deal will raise further concerns among Canadians about our trade negotiations, especially as NAFTA talks continue.

And even if a TPP deal is completed, there are serious questions about whether “free trade” has actually been good for most Canadians, or whether it has been another way for the elites to entrench their wealth and power at the expense of working class and middle class citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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