REPORT: Morneau Being Investigated By Ethics Commissioner Over Possible Ethics Law Breach

The investigation stems from Moneybags’ involvement in Bill C-27, which could benefit Morneau-Shepell.

Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson is investigating Finance Minister Bill Moneybags Morneau to determine if he broke federal ethics laws through his involvement in Pension Bill C-27.

According to a CTV report, Dawson “said she has “reasonable grounds” based on her follow up meeting with the finance minister about his involvement with the pension bill, to “commence an examination” into whether Morneau contravened Canadian ethics laws by sponsoring the legislation while still owning shares in his family’s human resources company.”

The matter was first brought to Dawson by NDP Ethics Critic Nathan Cullen. The key issue is that Morneau sponsored Bill C-27, which makes changes to private pensions, something that Morneau Shepell is involved in.

However, Morneau was involved in the legislation while he still held Morneau Shepell shares, which is where the potential conflict exists.

In a letter to Cullen, Dawson explained why an investigation was warranted, after an initial look into the issue:

“I received comments from Minister Morneau on his involvement in Bill C-27. I also received information from the Honourable Pierre Poilievre, Member of Parliament for Carleton, on November 8, 2017. In light of the information provided in your letter as well as information gathered by my Office, I am of the view that I have reasonable grounds to commence an examination under subsection 45(1), and have so informed Minister Morneau.”

Pathetically, Morneau’s office tried to downplay the issue by saying Morneau is under “examination,” not “investigation,” but the Ethics Commissioner pointed out that there’s no difference between the two.

Clearly, Morneau’s office realizes how big a problem this is for them, since Morneau is already losing popularity and is seen as ethically-challenged by millions of Canadians. Their weak attempt to dodge it through changing words is a total disgrace.

While it’s unclear where the investigation will lead, it is obvious that Morneau – like many arrogant elites – saw the idea of ethics as a total joke, and has further revealed the extent to which he and Trudeau believe the government only exists to serve them and their elitist buddies.

Spencer Fernando

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jack grandville

So, we hold our collective breath, awaiting the outcome of this ‘examination/investigation,’ which will depend on something one might refer to as Liberal loyalty — depending the Ethics Commissioner’s feelings as to whether she remains a ‘loyal’ to the Liberals, or perhaps surprises everyone by actually doing a true ‘examination/investigation.’ After which she publishes a determination we can all see and understand.


He and his boss should both step aside until the “examination” is completed. Unfortunately this examination is just the newest in a long line of questionable activities and decisions. This started with Trudeau’s suspicious gift to Hamas laundered through the UN, closely followed by his illegal helicopter flights. The Christmas helicopter flights happened two years ago. All those investigations need to be cleared up and decisions made / punishments applied before the Ethics Office gets to this newest one.

It seems they could be sidelined from Parliament and the Commons for years.


And, as usual, nothing will come of this. Liberals seem to be above the law.