TAXING SICK CANADIANS: Trudeau Government Ripped For Plan To Tax Medical Marijuana

New Trudeau excise tax will apply to medically prescribed marijuana, and could increase the use of dangerous opiates.

Yet again, the Trudeau government has sparked outrage with a plan to increase taxes.

Announcing the new excise tax on marijuana, the Trudeau government revealed that the tax will also apply to medical marijuana, in addition to the GST that already applies.

The move has outraged many, and runs the risk of increasing the use of dangerous opiates – even as the opiate crisis explodes out of control.

Here’s what Jonathan Zaid – Executive Director of Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana – said about the new Trudeau tax:

“Today, patients are forced to make treatment choices based on finances, including switching to less effective medications with severe side effects, such as opioids. The proposed application of excise tax to medical cannabis will further compound these issues and will impose significant barriers for patient access.”

Trudeau Tax Attack On Sick Canadians

Both the Conservatives and NDP have condemned the new Trudeau tax.

Additionally, a B.C. lawyer pointed out that it’s essentially a tax on sick Canadians:

“This is an adding a 10-per-cent burden to the existing cost, so it’s new taxation aimed only at sick people. That is contrary to everything we know about how we should do medicine,” said Kirk Tousaw.

Conservative Health Critic Marilyn Gladu explained that the tax is yet another Trudeau attack on Canadians facing tough circumstances:

“This is just another example of the government going after the vulnerable for taxes. These are people who have chronic pain conditions or PTSD in many cases. They should have applied the zero tax that was recommended to them. They say they consult, but they don’t listen.”

Once again, Trudeau and his government show that they’ll stop at nothing to steal more money from the Canadian people to fill the bloated government coffers, no matter how many get hurt in the process.

Spencer Fernando

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Patrick Cafferky

They should not tax medical marijuana…just plain asinine….tax the churches they have an abundance of money

Karen smith

That is not true! Most churches are struggling to stay afloat. The only churches doing well are the Vatican and the head church in England. Ask the women running the bazaars, the church dinners, the silent auctions and the many more fund raising activities every year. There are heating bills, hydro bills, salaries, phone bills, gas bills, robes, bibles, hymn books, parking lot maintenance, cleaning, manse expenses and on and on bills to pay. There are the charities they donate to such as the food bank, toy drives, victims of disasters, sleeping bags for the poor, etc. This comment pertains… Read more »

jack grandville

Power, being the ultimate drug, fogs the greedy mind of those who have attained that status and, as history clearly demonstrates, there is no end to the greed, until the end of those wielding that power have that power taken away from them.


“bloated government coffers” ??

His coffers aren’t bloated, they are empty and will remain empty for decades. Stop and think a second about the way Governments work. Every one is in a deficit / overdraft situation. They have no money. A cheque written by a Government is NSF and they are using Canadians as very expensive overdraft protection.

If I ran my family like this we would all be living homeless on the streets.

Don Taylor

Just how low can this idiot and his lemmings go,the sooner this govt is gone the better of Canadians will be,we can work on getting our country back from this liberal sickness


by nickel and diming taxpayers truduh! hopes to continue to be able to give away our hard earned money to other countries…

Chris vrecko

Sorry, I know I shouldn’the but for all those that voted for the idiot because of Marijuana I am laughing. YOU VOTED FOR THEXAMPLE IDIOT!


Trudope at his best. Tax candians out the wazoo to give to everyone except canadians.
I hope liberal voters are proud of themselves.


Go Fuc yourself Trudy, I don’t contribute a old Canadian penny to your greedy Capitalist FAT ASS WALLET MONOPOLY !!! Medical or Rec !!