All Canadians Should Support Professor Jordan Peterson’s Fight For Common-Sense

Many universities are now full of far-left indoctrination that does nothing to build skills, while dangerously undermining the foundation of our society. Canadians should stand with those who are fighting back against this incredibly disturbing trend.

Those who oppose Professor Jordan Peterson tend to try and silence him, a clear admission that they know deep down his arguments are truthful and persuasive.

As cultural Marxism sweeps university campuses and causes severe damage to the cohesion of our society, Jordan Peterson has been one of the toughest voices speaking out against it.

Now, those who have sought to indoctrinate young Canadians on university campuses are panicking as Peterson fights to expose their true agenda.

Hilariously, Peterson’s new plan to build a website that warns students and parents about classes that feature Marxist-style indoctrination is being attacked as creating an “unsafe” environment – a usual phrase in leftist attempts to silence dissent and debate.

Says Peterson, “I’m hoping that over about a five-year period a concerted effort could be made to knock the enrolment down in postmodern neo-Marxist cult classes by 75 per cent across the West. So our plan initially is to cut off the supply to the people that are running the indoctrination cults.”

Keep in mind, Peterson is simply sharing his opinion and providing information. People can read the website, and decide freely whether or not to attend the courses mentioned. That’s what free speech is about.

For the leftists to call this “unsafe,” is insanity, and shows how scared they are by people really taking a look at their teachings.

The left has been using many university departments (all taxpayer funded of course), to undermine support for the core values of Western Civilization, and have spread identity politics that are damaging our society from the inside.

That insidious agenda is weakening our country at precisely the time when challenges to our principles are stronger than ever before. The increasing chaos and division we see around us is the direct result, and Jordan Peterson has shown incredible toughness by being willing to stand against it (especially since he’s basically surrounded by far-left crazies at all times).

While people will call it different things, at the core Jordan Peterson is standing up for common sense. The gap between what is happening on university campuses, and what happens in the rest of the country is massive. Things that are considered insane in everyday life are being pushed vehemently by the cultural Marxists. The growing danger of course is that many people from universities go on to be leaders and people of power in society and push that same indoctrination on the country at large, which is another reason there is a growing gap between the political elites and the rest of us.

Unless these dangerous trends are stopped – and that starts with preserving our universities and learning institutions as places of free and open debate – our society will get torn apart. That’s why all Canadians should stand with Jordan Peterson in his battle for common sense, and should oppose those who want to tear Canada apart.

Learn more about Jordan Peterson here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube