Remembrance Day Words Must Be Turned Into Permanent Action

Until our country starts truly supporting our Veterans and strengthens our defenses, the nice words of politicians and dignitaries will remain empty.

Every year on this day, Canadians pause to remember those who fought for our freedom, including those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Remembrance Day is especially important because our nation would not exist if not for those who answered the call of history and were willing to risk everything on behalf of people they would often never meet.

Yet, while the nice words of remembrance and honour are meaningful, there is much to be done.

Remembrance must go beyond one day, and must include an understanding that truly honouring the legacy of those who served – and continue to serve – means taking care of our Veterans, and ensuring our nation has strong defenses.

At this very moment, Canadian Veterans are still fighting the government for the re-instatement of lifelong pensions for disabled Veterans – a promise that was made and so far unkept by Justin Trudeau.

The number of homeless Veterans is rising, even as the government builds shelters for those who entered Canada illegally.

And our military is woefully underfunded, with the purchase of new jets delayed over and over and over again, and our brave defenders forced once again to rely on substandard equipment.

That’s why the words of those in power sound increasingly empty on Remembrance Day, because those words are not being followed up with action.

If Canada is left vulnerable, and if our Veterans are betrayed by the government and left to fend for themselves, our nation is failing the test of truly honouring and Remembering those who served our nation.

Words are not enough. The responsibility Remembrance Day puts on all Canadians extends beyond one 24 hour period per year, and we must live up to that responsibility by taking care of those who defend our nation, and ensuring that the country so many died for is always kept safe and secure.

Spencer Fernando

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jack grandville

Many Canadians will read and understand your words but, unfortunately, those in power have a conscious resistance to anything resembling reality — and most specifically when it comes to supporting veterans in need and/or our military in general — those whom the same government would not think twice about sending to some area of the world, place them in danger, expect them to do their job and, if they do that job and survive, simply ignore whatever malady may affect them for life when they return. If for nothing else, their term in office should be immediately terminated and that… Read more »

chris malmstrom

Unfortunately, the same lowlifes in office are the same ones that make law in their favor, so their golden pensions can, by THEIR law, NEVER be touched. They honor themselves first with “honorable” titles, but never honor who it is they’re seated to serve…the public, and those that protect the public, IE: military, first responders, hospitals, police, firefighters…all those that the taxpayer pays dearly for. Yet, we have a “government” that is self-serving and enjoys giving Canadian tax dollars to other countries and rewarding convicted terrorists. Canada has never been a sadder place to call home.

Alcida Baker

Well written Chris . Thankyou
You have put into words what’s in the hearts of most Canadians.