Broken Federal Pay System May Cost Taxpayers $1 BILLION More

Because the government is too incompetent to even pay itself correctly, Canadian taxpayers may get ripped off once again.

The Trudeau government says the broken Phoenix pay system may require Canadian taxpayers to pay $1 billion more to fix it.

That’s according to Carla Qualtrough, the Minister in charge of the broken payroll system.

During an interview with Evan Solomon, Qualtrough was asked if repairing the system could cost a billion dollars.

Qualtrough said, “I hope not,” and then, “I can’t guarantee that, no.”

Broken pay system

The Phoenix pay system is a failure of both the Conservatives and Liberals, as the program was initiated in 2009 in an effort to make payment of federal workers easier, and more cost-effective.

Instead, it failed miserably, and the government has already wasted $400 million in taxpayers dollars trying to fix it.

That’s more than the roughly $300 million the system originally cost.

The Trudeau government promised to have things fixed by the end of October, 2016. Yet, there are 265,000 unresolved payment cases.

Also, the government says they can’t give a timetable on when the system will actually work.

Of note, while the previous Conservative government initiated the program, it was not put into actual use until the Liberals got in power. Additionally, it has been said that they ignored serious concerns about whether the rollout would be effective, and forged ahead with the now-disastrous program.

To get a sense of how truly incompetent the government is, consider the fact that they may waste even more of our taxpayer money, all because they can’t even pay themselves correctly. Something as simple as mailing a cheque or depositing money into a bank account apparently eludes the federal government, which makes us question why we should trust them to do anything at all.

Spencer Fernando

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