DANGEROUS: Report Warns Free Trade With China Could “Kill Canadian Businesses & Jobs”

A new federal report reveals that many Canadian businesses and civil society groups aren’t falling for the Trudeau government’s propaganda effort on “free trade” with China.

According to the report, Canadian businesses and other groups expressed serious concerns about “liberalizing” trade with China.

The CP notes that, “Among those concerns was that further liberalizing trade could kill Canadian businesses and jobs as companies can’t compete because of lax labour standards, lower environmental requirements, and state subsidies in China, the report says. These Canadian groups were adamant that failing to address these issues would only further the hollowing out of the Canadian manufacturing sector.”

This is very different than the one-sided, pro-China free trade propaganda we regularly hear from the government and the globalist corporate elites.

Additionally, the report points out skepticism towards the idea that a “free trade” deal could “meaningfully address the full spectrum of challenges faced by Canadian businesses trading with China.” 

Also, “These Canadian groups were adamant that failing to address these issues would only further the hollowing out of the Canadian manufacturing sector.”

Unsurprisingly since the report was organized by the Trudeau government, they tried to push back against the concerns being expressed. A segment of the report claimed there could be gains for some industries from liberalizing trade with China, the services sector and tourism among them. Yet, nobody would be surprised if that section was inserted by a government bureaucrat.

Canada must reject “free trade” with China

China’s state-run economy doesn’t play by the same rules as Canada, and we can’t trust the global corporate elites to ever look out for Canada’s interests. They – along with Trudeau – will eagerly sell out Canadian interests and destroy Canadian industries, all to line their own pockets.

That’s why Canada must take an approach that puts the interests of our nation and our businesses first, and that means rejecting “free trade” with China. Such a deal would kill jobs, destroy what’s left of the manufacturing sector, and severely hurt Canadian workers.

That must not be allowed to happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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but, after all isn’t that the aim of Trudeau and Soros? completely make Canada dependant on others, and ruin the country completely? Plus take away free speech, and go against the will of Canadians?
Most disgraceful prime minister ever!!!


Trudeau had been planning on a free trade deal with china since he became PM. Starting with NAFA by bringing all kinda of unreasonable demand to an already shaky table . Then embarrassing Canada again with his childish antics at the Asian Pacific trade Conferance . Selling companies that have highly clasified information pertaining to NORAD without due dilligence and against the wishes of those in position to know this should never happen. Million pumped into the ” Trudeau Trust Fund” by Chinese buisnessmen . The man is a cancer and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Patricia Ovelson

The Canadian Prime Minister has made Canada the laughing stock of the world. Will we ever recover to once again become one of the most respected countries in the world? Certainly not with him in power. Canadians have made a terrible mistake by electing him to serve our country.