Ignoring The Majority Of Canadians, Trudeau Moving Closer To Challenging Bill 62

Despite the clear majority of Canadians in every province supporting Bill 62, Trudeau and the elites continue to impose their politically-correct agenda.

Justin Trudeau is moving closer to federal involvement in Quebec’s Bill 62.

Asked about the issue in Vietnam, Trudeau said “We’re looking at Bill 62 carefully, we’re listening to the questions being asked about it and we’re in the process of studying, internally, the different processes we could initiate or with whom we could join. But we will continue to reflect and to work on it.”

Added Trudeau, “I think I’ve been very clear that I don’t think a government should be legislating what a woman should or shouldn’t be wearing. I don’t think that’s something that is right for Canada. I will always defend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and as for next steps, we’re watching the situation as it unfolds and reflecting on what those steps might or could be.”

This is Trudeau’s elitist arrogance on display, as he is ignoring the overwhelming political will of the Canadian people.

Numerous polls have showed that the vast majority of Canadians in every province support Bill 62, and in Quebec, some polls have shown over 80% in favour.

Democracy is about translating the views of the people into policy, and Bill 62 is a clear example of democracy at work.

By ignoring that truth, and by pushing his own elitist political correctness on Canadians, Trudeau shows that he has contempt for the views of most Canadians, and has no real commitment to democracy.

Every elitist who refuses to respect what the people want must be defeated, because a clear message needs to be sent that ignoring the will of Canadians will not be allowed.

Spencer Fernando

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Quebec can use the notwithstanding clause to override any federal interference in Quebec governance, something the rest of Canada cannot do.


I thought any province could invoke?

don morris

Trueau’s brain, Gerald Butts, is playing this issue very well. The LPC has 30% of the vote permanently, and need just another 8% to win a majority government. The 30% don’t support Bill C-62,so Trudeau has to walk a fine line between them and the Rest of Canadian voters, who, West of Ontario, don’t count for much in LPC eyes. Scheer is being handed several big time issues, from Morneau and the tax evasions of the “0ne percenters,to Trudeau’s let down of the Veterans, to Bill C-62, to the promise of electoral change, and still, according to all the polls,the… Read more »

Bob Fry

So many Conservative Bills are being attacked and changed by the Liberal Government. From M-103 to other bills up for change by the Liberals, Canadians seem to be totally ignorant or show no interest. They will take notice but by then it will be to late especially if the Liberals win another majority government in 2019. I am truly angered by the complacent Canadian’s in not knowing what is happening, or not wanting to discuss the potential lose of freedoms. You only have to look to Europe and the U.K. to see the chaos with their refugee problems. Trouble is… Read more »

Miles Lunn

Disagree, when it comes to fundamental rights and the charter public opinion is irrelevant. The tyranny of the majority can never trample on the rights of a minority no matter how popular. Otherwise if Bill 62 complies with the Charter it can go ahead, but if it doesn’t, it must be struck down or repealed irrespective of public opinion. There have been far too many cases where the majority favour violating rights of others which is why liberal democracies protect people’s rights whether popular or not. I think governments must be mindful of public opinion, but sometimes unpopular decisions need… Read more »


Every country has put a ban on face covering due to the amount of crimes committed with such I think Canada should be no different

steve richards

Miles Lunn is way off on several points. “when it comes to fundamental rights and the charter public opinion is irrelevant” This quote sounds like something out of a socialist playbook, who cares what they want we know what’s best for them. The public and their opinion is what shapes the fabric of the country and it is very important. We elected the politicians to run things on our behalf, not reshape the country into their own twisted view of reality. When the majority of the whole country let alone a province says we favor a face covering ban not… Read more »


I hope that Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party take a Stand and agree with the MAJORITY of Quebec Citizens, who are in Agreement in Passing Bill 62. The Majority of Canadians across the Country want this Bill passed NOT ONLY in Quebec, but across the Country. True, Passionate, Hard Working Canadians are in Favour of Bill 62. Quebec is very Fortunate to be able to use the “Notwithstanding Clause”, and Should use this Clause. NO Government should EVER go against the Wishes of the MAJORITY of Canadians. But then again, how can Any Intelligent Citizen Vote against a Bill… Read more »

Miles Lunn

The Charter of rights and freedoms is the supreme law of the land and nothing socialistic about it, if anything it is libertarians not socialists who favour strong checks and balances. As such governments are obliged to follow the Charter whether popular or not. The charter can be overridden using section 33, but only Quebec can do this and most polls show Canadians generally support the charter. In 2004, the Tories lost the election due to talk of using the notwithstanding clause and even if done must be renewed every five years. Also saying it is elitist is silly. Slavery… Read more »

jack grandville

The present government is so elitist and full of themselves that you know, as does a large number of Canadians that logic, practicality, reasonableness, competence, understanding or any other wording simply is impossible once one’s mind is so full of themselves. That one reality is what the Liberals have over and above any other party — notwithstanding it is also a failure all to often of every political party. The Liberals, though, have taken this to new heights — ignoring anything and everything that might well benefit Canada and implementing, unquestionably, all of Trudeau’s so-called benefits for Canadians. Once he… Read more »