Ignoring The Majority Of Canadians, Trudeau Moving Closer To Challenging Bill 62

Despite the clear majority of Canadians in every province supporting Bill 62, Trudeau and the elites continue to impose their politically-correct agenda.

Justin Trudeau is moving closer to federal involvement in Quebec’s Bill 62.

Asked about the issue in Vietnam, Trudeau said “We’re looking at Bill 62 carefully, we’re listening to the questions being asked about it and we’re in the process of studying, internally, the different processes we could initiate or with whom we could join. But we will continue to reflect and to work on it.”

Added Trudeau, “I think I’ve been very clear that I don’t think a government should be legislating what a woman should or shouldn’t be wearing. I don’t think that’s something that is right for Canada. I will always defend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and as for next steps, we’re watching the situation as it unfolds and reflecting on what those steps might or could be.”

This is Trudeau’s elitist arrogance on display, as he is ignoring the overwhelming political will of the Canadian people.

Numerous polls have showed that the vast majority of Canadians in every province support Bill 62, and in Quebec, some polls have shown over 80% in favour.

Democracy is about translating the views of the people into policy, and Bill 62 is a clear example of democracy at work.

By ignoring that truth, and by pushing his own elitist political correctness on Canadians, Trudeau shows that he has contempt for the views of most Canadians, and has no real commitment to democracy.

Every elitist who refuses to respect what the people want must be defeated, because a clear message needs to be sent that ignoring the will of Canadians will not be allowed.

Spencer Fernando

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