‘TRANSPARENCY’: Government May Hide Details Of Investigation Into Top Trudeau Fundraiser

Trudeau government also won’t give a timeline for the investigation.

For a group that campaigned on bringing a new level of “transparency” to Ottawa, the Trudeau government has become obsessed with hiding from Canadians.

Now, the government is refusing to say whether Canadians will find out what happens in the investigation into Canadians named in the Paradise Papers – including top Trudeau fundraiser Stephen Bronfman.

When asked about it by Global News, government Minister Carla Qualtrough said “I honestly don’t know the exact details of their process or their procedures … if that leads to a fine or a criminal investigation, I think it’s a little premature to tell.”

Added Qualtrough, “unless they fine (Bronfman), or unless it leads to a criminal prosecution” Canadians probably wouldn’t hear about what happens with the investigation.

However, there are many who doubt that Canadians would hear about it even if there was prosecution. After all, Justin Trudeau already pronounced himself “satisfied” with Bronfman’s response to the Paradise Papers, which could potentially complicate any investigation.

Because Trudeau is in charge of the government that would be investigating Bronfman, there are serious questions about the impartiality of the process. Indeed, Trudeau has shown that he believes there is one set of rules for him and his fellow elitists (automatic benefit of the doubt from the government), and another for the rest of us (treated with suspicion by the government).

When Trudeau’s potential damage to the process is added to the fact that Moneybags Morneau spent two years in office without putting his assets in a blind trust – combined with all the other broken promises – it’s obvious that promises of “transparency” were abandoned as soon as the Trudeau government took power.

Spencer Fernando

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Of course he is satisfied. Anything Morneau gets away with satisfies Trudeau.


truduh! hopes Canadians have short memories…


For Trudeau, conflicts of interest over conflicts of interest. The Trudeau government lacks everything: accountability, transparency, honesty, ethics, sanity, integrity, you name it, they dont have it.

jack grandville

Really, Spencer — only his persona was transparent — that is because there is no persona — he believes there is, but thinking people realize there is not — and never can be.


How about a report from the Ethics Commish on Trudeau himself or is that an “ongoing criminal investigation” . This is the least transparent government in 3 decades. The Prime Monster doesn’t lie he simply avoids truth and accountability. How’s that for political correctness?