75% Say Moneybags Morneau Should Have Sold Assets Or Put Them In A Blind Trust

A mere 19% express support for what Morneau did.

The overwhelming majority of Canadians oppose how Moneybags Morneau handled his assets as Finance Minister.

While almost everyone had the impression that Morneau put his assets in a blind trust when he took the job, it was revealed that he didn’t, leading to serious concerns about conflicts of interest, and an ethics investigation.

Now, a survey by Nanos Research shows a massive majority of Canadians say he should have put his assets in a blind trust:

55% agree that Morneau should have sold his assets, or put them in a blind trust, 20% somewhat agree, 10% somewhat disagree, 9% disagree, and 6% are unsure.

As a result, only 19% support how Morneau handled his assets, while a whopping 75% oppose the approach he took.

Worse for Morneau and the Trudeau Liberals is the intensity of opposition to his actions. Just 9% fully “support” his handling of his assets, while a full 55% don’t.

This is a big part of why his approval rating is so low, and why the Trudeau government is losing whatever fake credibility they once had as defenders of the middle class (which was always a myth).

The opposition needs to keep up the pressure on Morneau, Trudeau, and all the arrogant elitists who want to twist the government for their own purposes. That’s why low poll numbers and public disapproval must be turned into electoral punishment.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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