ARROGANCE: Catherine McKenna Tweets In Support Of Destroying Canada’s Coal Industry

It seems the Trudeau government thinks some workers and industries exist only to be crushed under the boot of government regulation.

During a pro-coal industry event taking place at the COP23 climate conference, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna made some tweets showing her elitist contempt for Canada’s coal industry:

These tweets are all nice and politically correct, but the attitude behind them is total elitist arrogance.

The coal industry in Canada represents real jobs, and real wealth for our country. Canada has among the largest coal reserves in the world, and many jobs, livelihoods, and families depend on the industry.

Even if it’s true that in a decade solar power will be cheaper than coal in some countries, that doesn’t mean the coal industry will be gone anytime soon, and it doesn’t mean that workers in that industry can afford to have their livelihoods stolen from them by the government.

By showing her glee at the government-orchestrated destruction of Canada’s coal industry – and ignoring the many workers hurt by that destruction – Catherine McKenna demonstrates that she and the Trudeau government have totally failed the test of leadership.

After all, those in power are supposed to be standing up for all Canadian industries, not just some of them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Come 2019the citizens of Canada must remove every Liberal out of office. If that doesn’t happen it’s the end of Canada .


Eastern Canada will kiss the liberals feet again. They enjoy the abuse I guess.


Stupid “Climate Barbie”! What she does not say is that the 41% of pollution is ALL FROM CHINA! That one week of pollution in China equals 30 years of pollution in Canada. Again: 30 years Cda pollution=1 week China pollution. We are against the carbon tax which is stealing money from all Canadians. Shame on the Liberals!

Don Taylor

This corrupt liberal govt will never tell Canadians the Truth

jack grandville

“…..after all, those in power are supposed to be standing up for Canadians…… ” NOT if you are a Liberal – that is eminently obvious by now — to anyone who can still think by themselves.

Miles Lunn

Dumb idea, if we don’t supply it someone else will. In Britain also wanting to end the coal industry is largely political as the coal miner’s unions are some of the most militant left wing unions so the Tories wanting to end it there is largely political. Also a good way to divide the Labour Party who now have a slight lead in the polls as much of their younger urban support wants coal phased out, but many of their traditional blue collar supporters in the industrial north work in the coal industry or areas with a large coal industry.… Read more »


11-01-17 ClimateGate in Review
Updated 11-01-2017
Click on a selector.

Bradley Holdner

This transition so to speak is being rationalized by pseudoscience, even the ICCP has admitted it’s a wealth redistribution scheme, from industrialized countries of the west to underdeveloped with U.S. opting out Canada will be financially crushed under the weight of debt, the interest on this debt is considerably more than what Canada spends of Defence. There is NO other alternative at this time in Canada that will even come close to replacing coal unless we waste our NG. This is an essay on Climate Change with Scientific papers and hyperlinks to references and videos explaining it exquisitely.

Harry Mayor

As a resident of British Columbia, I would dare McKenna to come here and shout ” Phasing out coal represents a massive opportunity”
= a massive opportunity to destroy jobs and tax revenue.

2014 -2015 statistics…24,000 direct and indirect jobs. $715 million in tax revenues..etc etc.
Look up how happy Tumbler Ridge was when some closed mines were re-opened

Chris vrecko

Same stupidity as Clinton and obummer!

Jill Ward

apparently intellect and being pro Canada/Canadian aren’t prerequisites for becoming a liberal politician – or being voted in.

Dan balkwill

Sadly the Trudidiot Cabinet are all bourgeoisie cultural Marxist! Hypocracy has no bounds for Liberals , they jet set around the globe , spending money that isn’t theirs to waste. Hubris and greed, corruption literally the trade mark , the mission statement for these UN loving international criminals! Thay have to be investigated all of their spending , donations to certain groups and funds has to accountable! Prison for all and free orange jumpsuits!

Bert McFadyen