ARROGANCE: Catherine McKenna Tweets In Support Of Destroying Canada’s Coal Industry

It seems the Trudeau government thinks some workers and industries exist only to be crushed under the boot of government regulation.

During a pro-coal industry event taking place at the COP23 climate conference, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna made some tweets showing her elitist contempt for Canada’s coal industry:

These tweets are all nice and politically correct, but the attitude behind them is total elitist arrogance.

The coal industry in Canada represents real jobs, and real wealth for our country. Canada has among the largest coal reserves in the world, and many jobs, livelihoods, and families depend on the industry.

Even if it’s true that in a decade solar power will be cheaper than coal in some countries, that doesn’t mean the coal industry will be gone anytime soon, and it doesn’t mean that workers in that industry can afford to have their livelihoods stolen from them by the government.

By showing her glee at the government-orchestrated destruction of Canada’s coal industry – and ignoring the many workers hurt by that destruction – Catherine McKenna demonstrates that she and the Trudeau government have totally failed the test of leadership.

After all, those in power are supposed to be standing up for all Canadian industries, not just some of them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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