FORUM SURVEY: Conservatives Lead Liberals By 2 Points

Forum Research says lower levels of Liberal support appear to be a trend.

A new Forum Research survey shows the Conservative Party led by Andrew Scheer leads the Trudeau Liberals by two points.

Here are the numbers:

  • Conservatives – 38%
  • Liberals – 36%
  • NDP – 14%
  • Greens – 6%
  • Bloc – 6%

The numbers are similar to the last federal Forum Research poll conducted in September, with all parties moving within the margin of error. As a result, Forum says the lower levels of Liberal support and close overall numbers appear to be a trend.

Despite the small Conservative lead however, Forum predicts that the Liberals would hold on to a minority government if those numbers repeated on election day. The Liberals would be projected to win 164 seats, the Conservatives 148, and the NDP just 15.

The poll shows the Conservatives leading in Ontario (by 1 point), Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC.

The Liberals lead in Atlantic Canada and Quebec. Their Quebec lead (42% to 22% for the Bloc in second place) means the Liberals would win almost all of Quebec’s seats, another reason for the Conservatives to support Bill 62 and get onside with a policy that the majority of Quebeckers, and Canadians across the country support.

Big government elitism takes its toll

While the Liberals are still showing similar support levels to the 2015 election, there is growing evidence that the Moneybags Morneau ethics issues, and the Paradise Papers (which have yet to extract their full political price) are setting a ceiling on Liberal support, and giving new life to the opposition.

Trudeau campaigned as someone who would look out for the middle class, but he’s only looked out for those who already have immense wealth and power. Combined with his higher taxes, increased bureaucracy, and out-of-touch attitude, the Conservatives have an opportunity.

That said, the establishment media will certainly turn harshly against Andrew Scheer as the election gets closer, and the Trudeau government propaganda machine will spit out lies and manipulation at a record pace. Also, this is just one poll, and others show the Trudeau Liberals still leading.

As a result, the Conservatives, and all Canadians who want to see Trudeau defeated, can’t remain complacent and just hope for the best. The government must be repeatedly held accountable and exposed for their deceptions and damage to the country, and the pressure must not let up, not even for a minute.

There’s still a long way to go until election day.

Spencer Fernando

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it seams that the conservative party is not doing a good enough job getting their message out to the public. everyone of truduh!’s screw-ups should be broadcast loud and clear. in Ontario we hear nothing from Patrick brown… crickets we cant afford truduh! and cant afford wynne. their sense of entitlement is sickening…

Wendy Lush

FINALLY some good news.

What leaves me truly gobsmacked is after all the scandal and incompetence and arrogance, who in God’s name in this country is still supporting Justin Trudeau.

Kevin F.

People don’t pay attention to politics in general, at least not until the election campaign begins. Then the pro-Liberal media does its work, praising the Liberals, while trashing the Conservatives. People grab on to one point or another as they hear it from the media, basing their vote on very little information. If anyone was actually paying attention, or spent ten minutes watching the farce of question period, they would realize this Prime Minister and his Finance Minister are frauds. Their refusal to answer any and all questions shows their contempt for the very middle class they claim to be… Read more »


With How this Lying, Arrogant, Terrorist Sympathizing, Corrupt, Traitorous Dictator and his Corrupt Liberal Party has been Deceiving Canadians and Canada, it would be Absolutely Shameful for Any Proud, Hardworking, Canadian to Vote Liberal! He has NOT Fulfilled ANY of his Promises, has been Bankrupting this Once Great Country, Has been making Terrorists Multi-Millionaires, has Donated 20 Million of our Hard Worked Dollars to the Corrupt Clinton Foundation, has Donated Millions of Dollars to Jordan and the Middle East, has been Keeping our Borders Wide Open allowing Illegals and Anyone and Everyone into Our Country, has been Protecting all the… Read more »

Miles Lunn

While one should take any poll with a grain of salt, their numbers in most parts of the country be it Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta are in line with other polls. BC has the Tories somewhat on the high side and NDP on the low side, but possible as 43% for the Tories was not uncommon in the past although recently they’ve haven’t done that well there. The Sask/Manitoba numbers of 74% are way off, there is no way the Tories are that high but probably due to small sample. Nonetheless it suggests Trudeau whether ahead or not… Read more »

Kenneth Champion

I would say show proof if u have to. To prove liberals are ruining Canada and damaging it physically, and financially. And if conservatives want to win. First key is to prove to the country and all Canadians that they have voice. Let them be heard. Plus I can think of ways to Make Canada great again, safe again, and beautiful again. Just the way it deserves to be.