INCOMPETENCE: Trudeau “Delays” $2.14 BILLION In Infrastructure Spending

A whopping 90% of what the government promised for transit and water systems was not invested, showing the Trudeau government can’t even spend our money correctly.

If there’s one kind of government spending that is generally supported across the political spectrum, it’s infrastructure spending.

Particularly when it comes to things like roads, transportation systems, pipes, and other basic necessities of modern life, there is widespread agreement that investment in those areas is a good idea.

And yet, it seems the Trudeau government can’t even correctly spend money on those basic things.

A new report shows that infrastructure spending was 40% lower than the $5.3 billion originally budgeted in the last fiscal year. And while this may initially sound like a good thing, the lower spending wasn’t because of any efficiencies or savings. It’s because the government just couldn’t get the money out the door.

It’s incompetence.

Even worse, of the money that was budgeted for projects like water systems and transit, a full 90% went unspent. Plus, the government has not given a timeline for when the money will actually be used.

So, we are getting taxed more and more, watching the deficit and debt go up, and told how strapped for cash the government is, and meanwhile, they can’t even spend the money on the one thing almost everybody agrees on.

This is why people don’t trust the government when they ask for more money, because they can’t even spend the money we already give them.

It’s yet another example of the massive and ever-widening gap between what Trudeau promised, and what has actually taken place.

Spencer Fernando

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Jackie Johansen

whenever I share your news with my sisters they tell me it is ‘fake news’ I think they are turning a blind eye—any thoughts?

Spencer for PM

Just watch as I am sure that about a billion of it will go towards fixing the Phoenix pay system. That’s on top of the original 300$ million to get the system in the first place and then another 400$ million to try and fix it. Surely they had a performance stipulation in the original contract for this software but leave it to government not to consider putting something like this in a contract. I know it was the conservatives that started this process of replacing the original pay system but the liberals have not solved the problem. It all… Read more »

Dave Bainard

Sending the Phoenix to Miramichi should of sounded alarms everywhere. That would be the same bureaucrats who bungled up the gun registry.

Lorraine Armstrong

Spencer, we are all concerned. We have heard Trudeau is using our pension money to fund his infrastructure bank and that we no longer have our retirement pensions we have paid for with every paycheque we earned!!! Please let us know if this is true or if we are worried for no reason. I will be contacting Michelle Rempel as well. There is a whole lot of people on Facebook who are ardent readers of your paper. We are waiting to hear if you know any more than us. We are VERY concerned about our pensions


If these idiots aren’t spending the money fulfilling their campaign lies then why do they have deficits? Where has the money gone, Chinese Bank accounts or more secret personal “blind” Trust funds? We know an awful lot went to Hamas, laundered through the UN, but they only got a few hundred million. It sure as hell didn’t go to support “peacekeeping” and our few operational F-18’s rarely fly so where has it gone?

No use asking the Ethics Commissioner as the Privacy Commissioner would likely say that is racist or something.

jack grandville

If anyone actually thought the Trudeau Liberals would/could spend OUR money on basic things, they must have been reading their issue of ‘Star Struck’ magazine, or something similar.


You can guarantee that they will tout having budgeted great amounts to infrastructure for years to come. Nothing the liberals do has ever been for the benefit of anyone but themselves. The perpetuity of this greed has gone on long enough. Referendum time on confederation, and let every province decide their own future rather than the draconian disease that exists in liberal Canada, mostly the old guard in Quebec who will never accept anything for the betterment of Canada, except handouts, those they’ll accept.

K Garner

What does one expect from a globalist? He does what Butts tells him to do.