POLL: More Canadians Want Morneau To Resign Than Think He Should Stay

Just 29% think Moneybags Morneau should stay on the job.

Finance Minister Bill Moneybags Morneau has a serious popularity problem.

A new Nanos Research poll reveals that a plurality of Canadians think he should be out of office and replaced.

Here are the results when Canadians were asked if Morneau should stay as Finance Minister, or whether it was time for a new Finance Minister:

  • Time for new Finance Minister – 40%
  • Morneau should stay – 29%
  • Unsure – 31%

These are bad numbers for Morneau and for the Trudeau government.

Considering the importance of the Finance Minister role, if Canadians lose trust there, trust in the entire government fades away. And since Trudeau seems far too weak and too arrogant to get rid of Morneau, it would be left to Morneau to resign. Of course, that also seems unlikely, since he’s just as arrogant as Justin.

A key reason for Morneau’s terrible poll numbers is the ongoing issue of his refusal to put his assets in a blind trust, setting up serious potential conflicts of interest. As a result, Morneau is now under an ethics investigation.

With Morneau already being so connected to the elites, he needed to go out of his way to show that he was working on behalf of Canadians. Instead, he is only working for people like himself and Justin Trudeau, trust fund elitists who have no idea what it’s like to be in the middle class, and couldn’t care less about helping real Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Tim Pedden

He has stolen enough money from Canadians , he is just another GLOBAL ELITIST THIEF LIKE TRUDEAU AND HIS RAT PACK. How much theft occurred will be revealed when we get rid of these traitors.


how can so many canadians be ” unsure ” …. because they believe in liberalism ??? the guy has done enough to warrant an investigation …. that in itself in simply ENOUGH …zero tolerance is what this country must now adopt …


just the fact that money bags morneau was fined $200 shows guilt. and by being only fined $200 it shows there is one set of laws for truduh!’s buddies and another for the rest of Canada… yes, he should be dismissed…

Derek Williams

You would think that someone would have dug into Morneau’s background, found out about his arrogance… was it evident in the past and things like that which gives an indication of character. If he was a Conservative I am sure the CBC would have done just that.

jack grandville

Yes, Spencer, those are bad numbers for the Trudeau government — but do not forget that he, as daddy did, has ‘arranged’ that he will have the numbers that he needs — it is part of his ‘requirement’ for immigrants — legal and illegal — and he has indicated that very clearly.