TOTAL WASTE: Trudeau Government Spent $555,272 To Wrap Banner On Canada Post Building

Our Veterans and homeless people are abandoned, while the government wastes our money on monuments to their own vanity.

The leader of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Aaron Wudrick has done a great service to Canadians by revealing yet another example of massive government waste.

Check out Wudrick’s tweet below:

Total waste of taxpayers dollars

As we all know, every dollar the government spends in one place, is a dollar that can’t be spent somewhere else. And, since the government is running deficits and adding to the debt, this waste on a wrap for the Canada Post building not only takes away from important priorities now, but it costs us more down the road.

While many Canadians – including our Veterans and homeless people – are often abandoned, the government somehow thinks it’s appropriate to spend money on a building banner. It’s insulting.

This kind of BS happens under governments of all political stripes, but Trudeau has taken the waste to a new level – especially since his deficits are deficits of choice, not necessity. And as always, Canadian taxpayers get screwed.

Read the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Access to Information request here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Aaron Wudrick (Twitter)

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these liberals need to be held accountable. surprised we still had that money left after truduh! has given our money away to every other country… at least 20 million to the Clinton foundation so americans can have abortions was among the worst he has done… millions to combat so called global warming in Africa… wtf??? yes, the list goes on…


“surprised we still had that money left” He didn’t. He just grew the debt that much more.

Wendy Lush

So… Canada Post workers are losing some pensions and benefits, even losing their jobs. And door-to-door delivery is being phased out, but they find half a million for this nonsense no one cares about.

Looking at the photo I honestly thought the building was under construction or renovation.


As long as the liberals do as they are doing without a whiff from the media …they will continue doing what they feel like doing. CANADA revolves around dictator Justin; THE REST CAN GO TO HELL. What Canada needs is strong, powerful, no nonsense, a true canadian reporter, WHO will REPORT every bit of the decades of the liberal corruptions and DICTATOR JUSTIN REFUSAL TO DEPORT TERRORISTS- which no one in one’s right mind would eagerly have voted Justin on those conditions. But they did, and will liv through the rough days under threat. The usual lame reporters we have… Read more »

jack grandville

Well, when it is someone else’s bank account and they have the password — or whatever is needed — worse, because we gave it to them — really, what would you expect? Huh?

Brenda Deverill

This is just amazing, $555,272 suddenly does not seem like a lot of money in comparison to all the billions we are now so used to be seeing squandered. Pretty sad isn’t it.