TOTAL WASTE: Trudeau Government Spent $555,272 To Wrap Banner On Canada Post Building

Our Veterans and homeless people are abandoned, while the government wastes our money on monuments to their own vanity.

The leader of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Aaron Wudrick has done a great service to Canadians by revealing yet another example of massive government waste.

Check out Wudrick’s tweet below:

Total waste of taxpayers dollars

As we all know, every dollar the government spends in one place, is a dollar that can’t be spent somewhere else. And, since the government is running deficits and adding to the debt, this waste on a wrap for the Canada Post building not only takes away from important priorities now, but it costs us more down the road.

While many Canadians – including our Veterans and homeless people – are often abandoned, the government somehow thinks it’s appropriate to spend money on a building banner. It’s insulting.

This kind of BS happens under governments of all political stripes, but Trudeau has taken the waste to a new level – especially since his deficits are deficits of choice, not necessity. And as always, Canadian taxpayers get screwed.

Read the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Access to Information request here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Aaron Wudrick (Twitter)

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