DECEPTIVE: Trudeau Spending Taxpayers Money On Biased Propaganda Website

New government website clearly crosses the line between political party advocacy, and government business.

The Trudeau government is taking heat for a new website that supposedly tracks government promises – yet actually reads much more like a political campaign document than official government info.

While the website may not be entirely full of lies (even Trudeau would have a tough time getting away with that), its overall political nature is clearly something that Canadian taxpayers should not be paying for.

It’s called, and is funded entirely by taxpayer dollars. It lists government promises, and then “tracks” their progress.

As noted by the Huff Post, “The new tool allows the public, journalists, and stakeholders to track whether specific pledges have been met, are on the way to being met, are underway but experiencing some challenges, or have been completely abandoned.”

That’s the problem right there. The government is trying to sell it as a “tool,” which gives it a nice, non partisan look. Of course, the government decides what info to put on the site, so the “tool” is simply an extension of the Trudeau government’s messaging – and is therefore taxpayer funded propaganda.

You can see that in the phrasing, as “experiencing challenges,” is a clever way for the government to hide the truth.

Journalist Althia Raj points out the problem quite clearly:

“The Liberals’ pledge to balance the budget by 2019-2020, for example, is listed on the government website as “underway – with challenges.” None of the Finance department’s projects show a balanced budget for the next several years. Spending commitments the Liberals made suggest the budget won’t be balanced for several decades, and Finance Minister Bill Morneau refused last week to give a date for returning the books back to black.”

So, we are paying for a website that masquerades as a “tool” for the public and the media, while it spews out false and misleading information.

It seems that as more and more Canadians wake up to the true reality of the Trudeau government, Ottawa is trying to change the perception of that reality to match their political interests.

That would be fine for a political party to do with its own money, but it’s disgraceful when a government forces us to pay for their dishonest propaganda.

Spencer Fernando

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My retirement to a Caribbean Island I want to buy is “underway – with challenges”: as well. DUH. All I need is a few good 649 tickets.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau refused to give a date because that would have required an intelligent answer. the poor sap is tuck giving the same type of intellectually challenged grunts we get from his boss who holds Parliament, Canada and Canadians in contempt.

JANET Bradley

Trudeau bringing in all these immigrants-migrants to supposably get a vote in 2019 ? How has he been allowed to get away with allowing new comers that have no idea about the country of Canada to get a free vote when they do not even pay taxes . This does not even make common sense it’s like inviting the fox into the hen house ? Trudeau has to be stopped from ruining Canada .


How desperate they are.

Nah!!! It’s just a rule taken from Trudeau’s favourite dictatorship.

Rule 666: Deceive and brainwash the population by creating propaganda in every way, shape or form.

Andrew Klinzmann

– Government Transparency: “underway – with challenges” – Myriam Monsef immigration issue: “underway – with challenges” – Electoral reform: “underway – with challenges” – Electoral Privacy: “underway – with challenges” – First Nations improvements: “underway – with challenges” – F35 fighter open-competition: “underway – with challenges” – Phoenix payroll: “underway – with challenges” – Expense Control: “underway – with challenges” – Aga Khan Issue: “underway – with challenges” – Fund raising issues: “underway – with challenges” – Cash for access correction: “underway – with challenges” – Terrorist Blood-Money Payments: “underway – with challenges” – M-103 Sharia law: “underway – with… Read more »

Dave Hubbs

Well stated Andrew Klinzmann, I would like to add the following:
– Improving Canada/India relations : “underway – with Challenges”