WATCH: Conservatives Release Ad Campaign Focused On Andrew Scheer

With many Canadians still not knowing who Andrew Scheer is, the Conservatives are attempting to boost his name recognition with a new ad – before the onslaught of Trudeau attacks begins.

The Conservative Party of Canada has released an ad campaign designed to boost Andrew Scheer’s name recognition.

As is typical with ads of this kind, the 30-second spot is light on policy details, and focus on framing Scheer as a typical middle-class Canadian.

It’s an important contrast, especially as the Trudeau Liberals are under fire for their arrogant elitist actions and face investigations into conflicts of interest.

Watch the ad below:

What do you think of this ad? Is it a good start introducing Scheer to Canadians, or do the Conservatives need to get tougher?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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D. Jerome Hauk

Not too bad…a little forced at the beginning, “ Hey!”, “Hi there!”
But contrasts nicely with the condescension of Justin who would have stopped to take selfies with the actors in the video to whom Andrew was greeting. However, I am still waiting for a reply from Mr. Scheer to a question on what his position is on AGW. Given his whipping the vote relating to the Liberal motion on the Paris Accord, I am worried that I already know his position snd it upsets me deeply…just another climate alarmist??

Joan Fenske

Down to earth regular family Guy!!!!!!


It’s a good clean start. They will have to get tougher as campaigning progresses.

Lisa Teonly

This ad does more damage than good. I am a Sheer supporter, but this ad makes him look like some comfy, teenage hick. The “hi” from neighbors is hokey.


Good to begin with, but going forward, it has to send out a clear message aggressively, no holds barred. Otherwise, it will just become another reel of a “goody two shoes” fool blabbering political correctness like the current incumbent.

Kerry Clark

Nice intro but, he’s going to need to start highlighting trudeau’s failings on the economy first off. He doesn’t need to engage in “attack ads” ; he just has to tell us what HIS plans are in helping small businesses succeed such as actually LOWERING taxes and help small businesses grow.

Eric Lehner

Weak, milquetoast approach. What is it about Canadian men that makes them feel the need to be so softy-softy? Also, it’s fake! The visuals are so staged and distracting that the spoken message does not even get through. Why pretend that the people sitting on the benches are just there by coincidence? If it were a colour, this commercial would be a shade of beige chosen by a committee to offend no one and inspire even fewer.