HYPOCRITE: Trudeau Silent On Corporate Offshore Tax Havens That Cost Canada Up To $15 BILLION Per Year

Interesting how Trudeau’s “tax fairness” talking points are nowhere to be found when it comes to big corporations run by the elites.

Justin Trudeau and his advisers probably felt pretty clever when they started talking about “tax fairness.”

After all, who could be against fairness?

It seemed like a simple and easy way to claim the political high-ground and put their opponents on the defensive.

Of course, that was before the massive backlash to reforms that (far from making things “fair”) were an all out tax attack on local businesses.

Then Moneybags Morneau was revealed to have kept control of his assets, even as he made decisions that could have impacted the value of those same assets.

Finally, the release of the Paradise Papers revealed the lengths many elites went to in an effort to utilize offshore tax havens, including people connected to Trudeau.

Combined with the fact that both Trudeau and Moneybags are under investigation, and all of this has left Trudeau’s credibility badly weakened, with more Canadians believing Trudeau’s economic policies are about helping the upper class than anybody else.

Yet, the Trudeau hypocrisy still continues to increase.

A report by Canadians for Tax Fairness reveals that Canada’s 60 largest corporations have a combined 1,000 offshore tax havens.

These tax havens cost Canada up to $15 billion per year in revenue, meaning less infrastructure, weaker services, and higher taxes for the rest of us.

This is seemingly the perfect time for Mr. Tax Fairness Justin Trudeau to bring his campaign back and crack down on the use of these tax havens by big corporations.

Instead, nothing but crickets…

It’s almost as if Trudeau isn’t really working on behalf of most Canadians, and only talks about tax fairness in an effort to manipulate his image, and take more money from middle class and working class people…

Unfortunately, as much as closing the loopholes that let massive corporations use offshore tax havens makes total sense, we know that Trudeau will never go after his elitist buddies. After all, he thinks the rules only apply to us, not people like him at the top.

Spencer Fernando

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