“PATHETIC EXCUSES”: Top Labour Leader Blasts McKenna For Breaking Promise To Help Coal Workers Facing Layoffs

As Canadian Coal Workers Get Layoff Notices, Catherine McKenna Breaks Promise To Fund Transition Programs.

Catherine McKenna certainly seemed to have a fun time at the climate conference in Bonn, especially when she trolled a pro-coal event by tweeting her support for destroying Canada’s coal industry.

Yet, while she was travelling on the taxpayers dime, things weren’t going so well for Canadian workers in the coal industry, many of whom are now receiving layoff notices.

Those layoffs are a direct result of government policies – many pushed by Trudeau & McKenna – designed to deliberately destroy the coal industry in Canada.

That’s not even the worst part of it.

When those policies were announced, the Trudeau government promised that they would provide “just transition” services for workers who would lose their jobs because of government action.

While the best solution would be not to take the job-killing action in the first place, providing job transition services was at least an acknowledgment of the damage being done to the workers and families depending on the coal industry.

Now, it’s being revealed that the Trudeau government didn’t even keep that promise.

As reported in the National Observer, Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff is angry at the government for this total betrayal of workers:

“He was reacting to word from labour colleagues at the international climate change conference in Bonn that the federal government has no “just transition” policies in place, as promised, for coal industry workers who will lose their jobs in the move to a cleaner environment. Notices of layoffs in the industry have already started this week in Alberta. Yussuff, representing the umbrella group for unions across the country, spoke in an interview from Canada about the disturbing news from his colleagues in Germany following a meeting with Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna.”

Even as the government was preparing for an anti-coal event in Bonn, they have done nothing for workers who will lose their jobs.


Yussuff is by no means a Conservative, saying “We’re still strong supporters of the government with regard to its climate change strategy, but you can’t disregard the needs of workers and their families.”

That said, Yussuff pins the blame directly on McKenna:

“We’ve heard nothing other than pathetic excuses from her and the government about why this hasn’t been done,” Yussuff said. “This commitment was made by Minister McKenna. It was her failing, not anyone else, in not seeing this through.”

As if we needed more evidence, this just goes to confirm the total contempt that elitists like Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau government have towards Canadian workers.

If the government had any loyalty to the country, they would be supporting our Canadian coal workers, not trying to destroy their jobs and leave them with nothing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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