RCMP Arrest Man Who Tried Boarding Plane With Undeclared Weapon

Abdirizak Mohamed Sahal appeared in court Wednesday, after trying to get on a plane in Whitehorse with an undeclared gun in his luggage.

The 31-year-old man was trying to board a flight to Vancouver, when RCMP stopped him from boarding and arrested him.

According to reports, authorities say the gun was not loaded.

He has been charged with tampering with the serial number on the gun, and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

At this time, Sahal remains in custody.

Spencer Fernando

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Jack Grandville

Oh, my goodness, I am SO surprised. Heavens, how could — I mean, just how could that really happen? Imagine, being arrested for so petty a thing. I am sure that when he explains that he has never had that trouble ‘at home,’ the court will clearly understand offer their immediate apologies and offer to refund his cost of the ticket and ensure he gets a cab to go back to the airport in order to continue with his plan — whatever that may have been — eh?

Clive Edwards

If the gun was in his checked baggage I don’t see what the problem is. Or are we still “name profiling”? I wonder if Canada’s defense minister travels with his ceremonial knife strapped to his waist? Does he put that in his checked baggage when he flies? Oh, I forgot – Trudeau now allows Indian ceremonial knives on planes. How about Scottish knives that they keep in their socks? I guess Indian and Scottish names don’t raise any flags with the RCMP.


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