Trudeau Giving $21 MILLION In Canadian Taxpayers Money To United Nations

Military equipment will also be given to the UN, at a time when our own military is badly underfunded.

Justin Trudeau has announced that the government will give $21 million in taxpayers money to the United Nations.

In a speech, Trudeau said “We’re asking peace operations to do more — not only to deal with violence when it erupts, but to respond to the entire life cycle of conflict: preventing its outbreak, supporting complicated peace processes and helping people to rebuild their lives when conflict ends. That is the reality of modern peace operations. Given that reality, we need to try new things.”

$15 million will be for more “peacekeepers,” while $6 million will go to so-called “reforms” at the UN.

The government will also offer 600 Canadian troops for various UN operations – but have not said what nations those operations will take place in.

Military equipment – including cargo planes – will also be given.

This leaves the possibility open that Canadian troops could be sent to the country of Mali in Africa – something that many Canadians oppose.

Additionally, this is $21 million that is being given to the UN at the same time our country is running large budget deficits, the number of homeless Veterans is on the rise, and as our own military forces are very badly underfunded.

While the talking points on “peacekeeping” may sound nice, the fact is that the Canadian governments job is to take care of Canadians, not look after the rest of the world. With so many Canadians still struggling, that is where money should be going – not to supranational institutions like the United Nations.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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