Canadians Say Cutting Trudeau’s Deficit Is Top Tax Revenue Priority

Eliminating the deficit would very easy if the government slashed the bloated bureaucracy and shut down offshore tax haven loopholes, but that would require Trudeau going against the agenda of his fellow elites.

While the Trudeau government tries to make it seem like endless deficits are no big deal, it seems Canadians feel otherwise.

According to a new poll, more Canadians say reducing the budget deficit is the top priority when it comes to what should be done if there was more tax revenue than expected.

40% say tax revenue should be used to reduce the deficit, 21% say investments in social programs, 19% say investing in infrastructure, 18% say reducing personal taxes, and just 1% say cutting businesses taxes should be the top priority.

The business tax numbers are no surprise, especially since the Paradise Papers and subsequent investigations reveal up to $15 billion is being lost in revenue for Canada because of how the biggest corporations in the country use offshore tax haven loopholes.

Closing those loopholes, combined with cuts to the bloated bureaucracy would easily balance the budget, but that would require Trudeau going against the agenda of the elites (who want more regulation and government spending combined with loopholes for those at the top).

Trudeau will ignore Canadians

The results of this survey are quite clear, showing that a strong plurality of Canadians want to see deficit reduction become a priority.

And yet, we know that Trudeau and the government have given no indication that they care about getting back to balance, as evidenced by Moneybags Morneau’s pathetic failure to give a balanced budget timetable, despite being asked the question over 10 times.

Listening to Canadians doesn’t seem to be a priority for Justin.

Spencer Fernando

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