Elitist Establishment Opposition To Bill 62 Shows Disregard For The Canadian People

Public servants are supposed to translate the will of the people into legislation. Those who forget that are forgetting their true role.

One of the attacks the elites like to use is to call their opponents “populists,” as if that’s supposed to be a bad thing.

Yet, the fact that the establishment sees “populism” as a negative, shows their true contempt for the Canadian people.

The entire point of government is to be populist, by listening to what the people want, and implementing it.

After all, we literally elect people on the basis of the popular vote winner in each individual riding, and party leaders are elected through systems that (while often convoluted), are still designed to translate popular support into political power.

Yet, when ever the people demand something that doesn’t seem to match with the whims of the politically-correct elites, all of a sudden they start condemning “populism.”

The debate around Bill 62 is a clear example of that.

Every poll shows a majority of Canadians in every province support it, and that support is strongest in the province where it’s being introduced.

Clearly, Canadians want legislation like Bill 62 – banning face coverings in certain situations – to be passed.

Therefore, it’s the job of those in power to implement that legislation and listen to what the people support.

Of course, rather than deliver on what Canadians demand, the elites would rather maintain the illusion of democracy by suppressing real debate and real discussion, while creating a false narrative and false consensus. As a result, almost all the top political parties, and much of the media, have taken positions opposed to Bill 62, effectively silencing the voices of a majority of Canadians and leaving them without true representation on this issue.

This means that those in power have decided that the Canadian people are “wrong,” and they are substituting their own opinions to “correct” the error.

As you can imagine, this isn’t how democracy is supposed to work, and it’s a total misreading of the role of elected public servants. If politicians work for us – they say that all the time but many never act like it – they should be listening to the Canadian people on issues like Bill 62, and delivering on what the people want, not trying to block it. It shows total arrogance, and disregard for Canadians, and it’s not acceptable.

This anti-populist disregard for Canadians can be seen on financial issues as well. After all, why are offshore tax haven loopholes still open when almost all Canadians want them closed?

Those in power aren’t listening, and have no intention of listening as long as they think people aren’t going to hold them politically accountable.

So, if you support Bill 62 and similar legislation, contact your MP and tell them that they should be standing up for your viewpoint in the House of Commons. Only constant and overwhelming political pressure can start getting the will of Canadians truly expressed.

Spencer Fernando

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Russ Cooper

Well stated and raises the question; if politicians and parties are not motivated by the desires of their constituents what are they being motivated by?