A “Post-National” Canada Won’t Remain A Real Country For Long

Without a strong sense of being Canadian, the alternative is each small group in our country tearing each other apart for scraps doled out by politicians, while our ability to work towards common goals as a nation would be gone.

Ever since Justin Trudeau brought up his idea of making Canada a “Post-National” country, many Canadians have been deeply concerned by the implications of that idea.

After all, the idea of taking Canada – a nation that has been very successful – and radically attempting to remove any sense of unifying nationhood among our people, is rightfully seen as a massive risk.

Of course, the idea of “post-nationalism” is another way to push globalism. It seeks to cast nationalism in a negative light, while purposely ignoring the fact that by the very definition of the word, every nation on earth exists due to nationalism.

That leads to the biggest problem with “post-nationalism”: No country without a strong national identity can remain a real country for long.

For a country like Canada, a strong sense of national identity brings people from all backgrounds together in the unifying idea of being Canadian. It can lead to policies that put the interests of our nation first, and helps us see our fellow citizens as part of a broader Canadian family where we look out for one another and seek to keep our nation strong and secure.

The alternative is identity politics, which is growing rapidly as our “leaders” move their post-national agenda forward. As we are already seeing, identity politics has the opposite function of nationalism, and destroys our unifying sense of being Canadian in order to replace it with identities based upon race, gender, or contrived victim-status.

As a result, the choice isn’t really between “nationalism” and “post-nationalism,” the choice is between nationalism and identity politics that fractures our country.

Imagine a country with no sense of national identity that has fully succumbed to identity politics.

Would that place even remain a real country?

There might still be something on a map that says “Canada,” but without a sense of being “Canadian,” (which is inherently nationalistic), that something wouldn’t be a real country. It would be internally divided, with each small group tearing each other apart for scraps doled out by politicians, while our ability to work towards common goals as a country would be gone.

That would leave Canada open to foreign countries and global corporations to extract as much wealth as possible, at the expense of any real future for our country. When Trudeau talks about “post-nationalism,” that’s the kind of future he envisions, and that’s why Canadians must push back against it.

Spencer Fernando

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Old Canadian Patroit

Justine is a damn traitor, as are all the Liberals and NDP who voted for M-103 to shut Canadians up. This is a wonderful country with very bad politicians who act like collaborators.


The Prime Monster’s post-national vision of Canada translates to the breakup of the country and our national pride. This vision is not aligned with my vision. If Canadians vote for him and his party in the next election they do so at their own peril as a nation. He is a proven liar so I’m sure he will put us all at ease with soothing & reassuring “lines” that only a drama teacher can deliver. And of course there will be bribes for the criminal, ignorant or greedy within his base. If only we could get him a job in… Read more »

Major Tom

When a mayor of a major Canadian city can travel overseas to make trade deals with another country…..that’s treason…..and unchallenged…is the end of the nation state…..

Little Potato

I’m not ready to give up on Canada just yet, but if Trudeau wins in 2019, I would be in favour of the country breaking up.

Ben Eby

Many, many Canadians have not yet recognized, or accepted the danger this country is in under the dictatorial leadership of Justin Trudeau and his devious partner, Gerald Butts. These bad actors have tested the waters with treacherous new laws, to see how, and if we would react. The same culprits, especially Trudeau and Morneau have continuously kicked sand in our faces, while flaunting the rules of parliamentary decency. Obviously, Canada is being politically, economically and socially positioned for its eventual collapse, or near collapse. When the nation is on its knees in a few short years…..we can expect the Trudeau… Read more »


Iv’e done my share of griping, angry at politicians, preachers and the privileged elites who pillage the public purse, and Iv’e also done more than the average citizen to build, rebuild and fix our institutions, neighbourhoods and several broken souls. I’ll spare the details. Of late, I think we are hearing a louder collective cry, from many hurting citizens, but griping doesn’t put food in their mouths, or shut down the feeding trough at the public banquet table. We need to act. But 1st we need to listen at a round table, contemplate, discuss, debate and decide how to proceed.… Read more »

John beadle

Boy that is a scary thought. But being able to win the election with 30 %of the votes. That is also very scary . And with him giving a vote to every new person who entered Canada he can make the election turn as he wants


What he is envisioning is an imperial system: an empire ruling over a state of minorities dependent on Ottawa and the Liberal Party’s carefully-chosen elites. It may already be too late to recover Canada into any semblance of what the Fathers of Confederation intended it to be – indeed, John A. MacDonald is being condemned for his position that Asian immigrants to the west coast should not mix with the European settlers. The time is going to come – much sooner than many of us might think – where we have to ask ourselves if our citizenship and our civic… Read more »