REPORT: Terror Suspect Mohamed Harkat Wants Security Restrictions Loosened

Harkat – who is not a Canadian citizen – was arrested in 2002 on suspicions that he was a sleeper agent for Al-Qaida, and authorities want him deported. Disturbingly, Justin Trudeau’s brother Alexandre has advocated in favour of Harkat.

Terror suspect Mohamed Harkat is seeking to get his security restrictions loosened, even as warnings have been given by authorities that he still poses a threat to Canadians.

Harkat was arrested in 2002, after being suspected of serving as a sleeper agent for Al Qaida, which Harkat denies.

He spent some time in jail, and was released in 2006. He was then put under strict security conditions.

Now, Harkat wants those conditions loosened – even after they were loosened previously.

As noted by the CP, “Harkat now lives at home with Sophie (his wife). He has access to a computer connected to the internet at their residence. He has to report in person to the Canada Border Services Agency every two weeks. And, though Harkat can travel within Canada, he must provide the border agency with five days’ notice of his plans as well as a full itinerary when leaving the national capital. He also has to report to the border agency by phone once a day while travelling.”

Harkat says he poses “no threat” to Canadians, and “wants permission to have a laptop computer and tablet with internet connectivity for use outside the home, including for work purposes. He wishes to report to the border agency monthly by phone, through voice verification. And he wants restrictions on his travel lifted, with the exception that he remain in Canada.”

Disturbingly, the CP notes that, “Many supporters, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brother, Alexandre, have written to the government on Harkat’s behalf over the years.”

The authorities remain concerned that Harkat is a threat, and are especially opposed to Harkat getting internet access outside his home.

That is in part based on a 2010 court ruling, where a judge found that there was reason to believe Harkat maintained ties to the Bin Laden terror network after arriving in Canada, thus justifying concerns that he remained a threat.

Ultimately, the decision to deport Harkat (who does not have Canadian citizenship), will come down to the Trudeau government.

The vast majority of Canadians know the country would be safer with terror suspects kept outside our borders, but the obsessive political correctness of Justin Trudeau raises questions about what will happen.

Will Trudeau finally get tough, or will he and his government show weakness once again?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube