SURVEY: Canadians Have Negative View Of Trudeau’s Economic Record

“Sunny Ways” are clouding over.

A new survey shows that more Canadians have a negative view of Justin Trudeau’s economic record than have a positive view.

The survey was conducted by Nanos/Bloomberg. The key numbers can be seen below:

18% give the Trudeau government a “very poor” rating on their economic record, while 18% give the government a “poor” rating.

By contrast, just 4% give the government a “very good” rating, while 21% give the government a “good” rating.

36% say the government has done an “average” job on the economy.

As a result, the net positive/negative rating for the government is -11.7 points.

This is no surprise. As I’ve been saying for some time, there is a massive gap between the economic numbers that are regularly reported, and what Canadians are actually feeling in our own lives. So, even as the elites try to craft a narrative of a growing economy, people just don’t believe it, because we don’t feel it.

Additionally, Canadians aren’t getting any benefit of Trudeau’s massive deficits of choice, meaning the country is getting the worst of both worlds – larger debts & deficits, combined with a weak economy for most Canadians.

Meanwhile, elites like Trudeau and Moneybags Morneau keep gaining power and influence, and the government does nothing while big companies put billions in offshore accounts.

Clearly, the system is totally rigged against middle class and working class Canadians, and under Justin Trudeau, it’s only getting worse.

Spencer Fernando

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